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A new book by Lynn Woodland

The Breakthrough Point

A Spiritual Activist’s Guide to Thriving in a Modern World

From Waterside Press

In the midst of a world coming apart, be part of the coming together.


The Breakthrough Point explores the tumultuous times we’re in, why they are both dire and wonderful, and how we can catch an upward spiraling wave of humanity evolving, even as the world around us seems to be coming undone. The book makes a compelling case for 2016 being a game-changing year; a tipping point in humanity’s consciousness toward peaceful cooperation and love. This is no utopian fantasy or obscure spiritual prophecy. Citing major trends in business, science, culture and politics along with spiritual indicators, Woodland identifies the signs of a collective quickening. We have entered new and unprecedented territory, with a bumpy road ahead as escalating crises coexist with increasing opportunities to thrive as never before. What happens next is no longer up to “them.” It’s up to us; to you. As never before, the power is in your hands and, for those willing to reach for it, wonderful possibilities await.

The spiritual exercises in The Breakthrough Point offer a path into a new world. They invite you to participate in a miracle experiment begun in Woodland’s previous book, Holding a Butterfly (formerly titled Making Miracles). This global experiment in joined consciousness will take you out of the predictable and into the extraordinary, where frequent serendipities, personal breakthroughs, and miracles become the new normal.

This book’s visionary look at modern times will give you hope, direction, and practical steps for creating new realities for your life and our world, as well as an understanding of why your wholehearted participation in our world is the only path to your happiness. Most importantly, The Breakthrough Point will help you to become part of a world coming together in peaceful cooperation and wellbeing. Won’t you join us?


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