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Kick Start your life and goals with A private workshop with Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

A special program of exercises, energy work and consultation designed just for you by two master teachers who work two-on-one with you to address your specific interests, goals, and challenges. Manifest, Clarify, Heal, Receive Offered Online—attend via computer or on your phone.   Workshops are recorded and last about 90 minutes. Each one includes:  

September | Embracing Change

Seasonally, September is month of great transition. It’s the end of summer and the fall equinox, which falls in the third week of the month, marks the point at which darkness exceeds light for another six months. Fall encourages a shift in attention from outer directed activity to a more inward focus. In the growing

Fall: The Healing Journey | Register to attend the first class of The Miracles Course’s Fall Quarter

  FALL: THE HEALING JOURNEY In fall, The Miracles Course curriculum begins with an exploration of physical health and spiritual healing, including a powerful ritual for miraculous healing. Also addressed in this season are topics of death and beyond, flowing with change, transcending fear and letting go, all of which lays the foundation for the

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