Advanced Manifesting Techniques | A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

Advanced Manifesting Techniques

A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

August 19-21



An immersion experience in living a miraculous life.


This workshop starts with the premise that a whole new paradigm of metaphysics lies beyond popular law-of-attraction and New Thought spiritual teachings, offering a very different approach to working with power of intention. This event is both a visionary glimpse into where humanity is heading and a practical, results-oriented laboratory for achieving goals and living a miraculous life.


If you’ve practiced visualizations, vision boards, prosperity and manifesting techniques and found them to work only partially; if keeping your attention on the positive and choosing love over fear feels like a constant challenge, this workshop will explain how many popular spiritual tools and practices have separateness and struggle built into them and how there is an easier, and more effective way.


Most of all, this weekend is an immersion experience that combines the crucible ingredients of concentrated attention and intention, expert guidance, and the tremendous amplifying effect of group spiritual work, all aimed at living your miraculous life.


And, of course, we’ll have a lot of fun! Don’t you deserve a miraculous life?


Registration: Register below or in person with Lynn. This is event is space-limited.



Friday: 7-9:30 PM

Saturday: 11 AM-5:30 PM

Sunday: 1-5:30 PM


Cost: Payment by self-determined fee. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. This deposit is nonrefundable if you do not attend or complete the workshop. At the end you will be directed to consult your inner guidance as to what is the right amount of payment for you. At that time you may add to or request back any or all of your deposit. You may pay all at once with cash, check, or credit card, or over time by giving a series of post-dated checks or via Pay Pal.


Location: The weekend will be held in Lynn Woodland’s home in South Minneapolis near MIA. Address will be provided upon request/registration.


What to Bring: A notebook and pen. A bag lunch for Saturday and any snacks you’d like for yourself on the other days.


Lynn Woodland is an international teacher and author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World. She is the creator of the online Miracles Course and more.


Over 40 years of teaching and refining the spiritual principles of miracle-making, Lynn Woodland has developed a body of work that takes metaphysical practices to a new level. As New Connexion Journal for Conscious Living wrote:


“Just when you think you know a lot

about the law of attraction and quantum

physics, you read a book like Making Miracles [by Lynn Woodland] that really pushes your reality and current belief systems to new frontiers.”