Tuesday, Nov. 24: A Thanksgiving Give-away

The fall season, when the harvest is done and fields lie dormant, invites us to let go and live empty for a time to ensure future growth. The fall Thanksgiving holiday provides the perfect opportunity to stop, reflect, give thanks for what has been, and to share our abundance.

In keeping with the season, this special event works in a very practical way with spiritual dimensions of release, thanksgiving and sharing abundance. More than a give-away, this evening is a powerful spiritual ritual that will open us to increased prosperity and abundance of all sorts.

Preparation for this event:

Bring up to a shopping bag full of high quality, usable items you no longer need, use or value but which may be of value to someone else. These items are to be released unconditionally (i.e. without any conditions as to where they go).

The purpose of this exercise is to practice letting go of things we are holding from a place of fear-based conditioning rather than because we love, value and use them. Thoughts such as, “What if I need it someday?” or, “It cost a lot so I shouldn’t let it go,” or “Better save it for hard times to come,” are examples of fear-based motives for holding on to things. Letting go of unnecessary excess is an important part of opening to abundance because in order to create more of what we really want we must first have room for it in our lives. If we are filled up with what is no longer useful, be it material things, relationships, activities or thoughts, we become like stagnant pools, too full to receive anything new and fresh.

Bring only quality items—no thrift store rejects. This exercise is most powerful when we stretch a bit and let go of things we ordinarily wouldn’t consider giving away yet still fit the criteria of no longer being used or valued.

and I will send you more specific location details.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com
(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

We have a Meetup Page for this event as well

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

November 14-15: Weekend Healing Retreat Online

November 14-15: Weekend Healing Retreat Online

Heal your Body, Heal your Life with Lynn Woodland & Deb Teramani

Saturday, 9 am-5 pm Central Time & Sunday, 9 am-Noon, Central Time

Online (Attend on your computer or phone)

Limited to 12 Participants


Work closely with two highly experienced healing experts for an immersion experience personalized to your needs.


This weekend retreat provides intensive energetic support to speed your healing process, plus insight and tools to help you shift patterns of thought and behavior that block healing. Longtime colleagues and friends, Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani both have decades of healing experience. Together they have developed a unique style of working two-on-one, energetically and intuitively, to help you manifest healing changes quickly. The workshop is space-limited to afford a high degree of individual healing work and consultation for each person in attendance.


Each participant receives:

  • Personal input from Lynn and Deb on the psychodynamics of your symptoms and suggested follow-up actions to support healing. (You will learn what your illness is telling you and what you can do to follow your body’s wisdom to support health.)
  • Focused energy healing from Lynn and Deb
  • Tools for working with emotional and physical pain
  • An experience of joy as a high vibrational healing state
  • Recorded healing exercises that you can use again and again
  • Intuitive readings from Lynn and Deb
  • A recording of the entire workshop
  • Written hand-outs


Rev. Deb Teramani is a highly gifted healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher. Rev. Deb has always been in touch with angels, energy, and unseen realms, and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. She is a licensed minister of Religious Science, former co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living-Baltimore, and serves on the faculty of Lynn Woodland’s year-long Miracles Course. Rev Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently without stopping until their issue is satisfactorily resolved. Deb says: “I know prayer always works and that with God, anything is possible!”


Lynn Woodland’s background includes four decades of work with energetic, spiritual, and attitudinal healing and she has traveled throughout the world teaching the principles of healing. In 1983 she founded and directed the Baltimore Center for Attitudinal Healing, a free, health-crisis resource center for people dealing with life-challenging illnesses. She also trained with the late world-renowned faith healer, Dr. Willard Fuller, whose work was known for the frequent occurrence of spontaneous dental healings, including new fillings appearing, even new teeth growing instantaneously. Lynn is the creator of The Miracles Course, a year-long program of online spiritual education leading to ordination, and author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World, from Namaste Publishing.


Cost: $222

(Seems like an odd amount? We chose this amount because 222 is a master number. It speaks to the power of “two” which Deb and Lynn amplify in their work together. It also relates to states of faith and trust, often showing up as a sign that you are on the right track. Best of all, it signifies manifestation, miracles, and auspicious opportunities on the way!)


Refund Policy: Once you have reserved your space in this workshop by making a payment, we do not offer any refund. If you can’t attend live, Lynn and Deb will still consider you a member of the class and will offer healing and intuitive consultation on your behalf. This will all be captured on the recording which you will receive after the workshop.



Please convert these times to your own time zone if not in Central Time. Eastern Time will one hour later, Pacific Time two hours earlier, etc.



Break times are approximate

First Session: 9 am to Noon Central Time

Break: Noon-1 pm

Second Session: 1-2:30 pm Central Time

            Break: 2:30-3 pm

Third Session: 3-5 pm Central Time


Sunday: 9 am to Noon Central Time



What you need to know about attending an online workshop

This event will be offered through Go to Meeting. You will receive access information via an email after you register. Here are some tips to make your experience smooth and easy.


Log in early.

If you haven’t joined into one of these webinars before, you might want to log in 10 or 15 minutes early. You will be prompted to download the Go To Meeting software, which you only need to do the first time you attend. You may also be prompted to update Java, which is a normal update for any computer and you will be directed towww.java.com for this.


For best sound quality, please use a headset plugged in to your computer.

If you don’t have a headset, consider investing in one. They aren’t terribly pricy and it will greatly enhance your experience. You can use the microphone in your computer but this creates a distracting echo and we will need to keep you muted most of the time. If your computer doesn’t have audio, you may view through the computer screen and dial in on your phone to the phone number given above.


If you’d like to keep it low-tech and not use your computer or the internet,

you can simply dial in and listen to the presentation on your phone. We will be able to hear you and dialogue with you. If you don’t have free long-distance, you will be billed for the call. Using the computer and internet eliminates this charge. For anyone willing to be seen by other participants, feel free to turn on your web cam.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: The Miraculous Journey Begins

For many, fall brings an end to the laid back leisure of summer, refocusing us on what we’re doing and where we’re going. In keeping with the energy of the season, this event is all about receiving guidance and energy for the next phase of life’s journey. If you have been uncertain about your next step and want clarity, or just want the power of group spiritual energy to launch a new project or chapter in your growth, this event will help you come into alignment with your highest purpose and highest good. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU’RE COMING.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com and I will send you more detailed location information.

We have a Meetup Page for this event as well

(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

The Miracles Course Winter Quarter | Attend the first class of Winter free!

The Miracles Course is now accepting students

 for the Winter Quarter starting

December 1.

Registration for winter closes December 8. 

Early registration is recommended.


First Class of the Winter Quarter is Free

Audit this live, online class with

Lynn Woodland 

on the topic of

Darkness into Light ~ Creating Miracles

Wednesday, December 2, 7 PM Central Time.

Attend on your computer or by phone.


Miracles Course Winter Audit

Registration for The Miracles Course Winter Audit
  • (If outside the United States)

The Spiritual Journey of Winter
  • Do you have difficulty with the darkness of winter months?
  • Would you like to attract loving relationships, helpful people, and quality interactions?
  • Are you ready to release the past and move beyond repeating patterns of limitation?
  • Is it time to expand your vision of what your life can be?
  • Would you like to release jaded cynicism to experience the joy and wonder of the miraculous?
  • Would you like to experience a deeper connection with your inner guidance and with God?
  • Are you ready to move beyond transient successes to achieve true personal mastery?
If so, the spiritual journey of the winter season Miracles Course 
may be particularly relevant to you.
The Spiritual Journey of Winter Begins-December
December is a month packed with a complicated interweaving of sacred holidays, family traditions, crass commercialism, and overindulgent partying. At the core of it all is the deep, magical rebirth of light that many world religions celebrate in slightly different ways. In the United States, the outer expression of this natural and spiritual event can give rise to an exhausting overload of lights, shopping, and social gatherings. Often referred to as the “Season of Giving,” it’s the time of year retailers live for, and the end result of all this retail activity is a deluge of exchanged gifts, some heart-felt and some perfunctory.
In June, when light reaches its peak, we explore the profound connection between light and love. Those who’ve had near-death experiences describe the light beyond death as being virtually indistinguishable from unconditional love. So, at this point where light is birthed out of darkness, perhaps the magical point to it all-what we’re grasping for through the mountain of packaged things-is the rekindling of sacred love. It’s easy to lose this point in the overlay of cultural expectation where gifts can become more a fulfillment of social obligation than a sacred offering.
So this week’s lesson involves finding the magical essence in a physical object and making it sacred through the creation of a spiritual talisman that will start as a tool and one day become a gift. The exercise will draw upon intuition, imagination, and clear intent to find an object, discover its meaning, and give it power. As a tool, it will become part of our ritual on the solstice in a few weeks. When its work with us is done, we’ll pass it on as a precious gift….
The preceding is an excerpt from the Winter Session of the Miracles Course. If you’re ready for a deep dive into miracle making, the Miracles Course is now accepting students for the Winter Quarter starting December 1. Registration for winter ends December 8.
Are you looking for spiritual community, support, 
and a weekly spiritual experience? 
Consider the Miracles Course
In the words of our students, here’s why:
I’ve taken the year-long Miracles Course and am now auditing it because I can’t imagine not having this connection – and there’s so much richness here to still tap into! My biggest (wonderful) surprise during the course was that there was no “you MUST do this” but rather a gentle unfolding of learning, encouragement, discovery, connections and yes, miracles.
The Miracles Course has been a source of spiritual community and has replaced the need or desire for more organized religious structures. Lynn Woodland leads students into a deeper meditative experience with grace and authenticity. Her soft spoken demeanor is underscored by her depth of grounded practice and knowledge. I have enjoyed the gift of the journey and the walk to accountability along with the joy of a life well lived under all circumstances. It continues to be a place of connection and awakening.
Lynn and Deb are truly two of the most loving, kind, wise women I have had the pleasure of working with. They are humble and enormously caring and I have gained so much from Lynn’s leading edge Miracles Course and from Lynn and Deb’s personal guidance. I have had some enormously challenging personal issues over the past two years and this course was like a life line.
Even if nothing miraculous occurs, which is doubtful, engaging in this gentle work will free-up your bound energy and help you become a happier you.
Over the years, I’ve taken more courses and seminars than I can count, but Lynn’s courses have had the deepest impact of all. Actually, in light of her understanding of the time continuum, I feel like this course has impacted all of my life, backwards and forwards!
The support from the faculty is incredible and such a blessing, and I also have a wonderful spiritual network that spans the globe!
One of the strongest points of the program, along with the teaching, is the mentoring.
[Rev.] Sandy Boyer made a huge difference, supporting, guiding, and encouraging me all along the way. Because the course is challenging, this gentle spiritual coaching is vitally important and I’m glad Lynn built this aspect into the program.
Rev. Deb has given me such valuable spiritual guidance and inspiration. I can really feel when she is holding me in prayer! I am truly grateful for her support. Deb says prayer always works-and I’m starting to believe her!

Kick Start your life and goals with A private workshop with Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

A special program of exercises, energy work and consultation

designed just for you by two master teachers

who work two-on-one with you

to address your specific interests, goals, and challenges.

Manifest, Clarify, Heal, Receive

Offered Online—attend via computer or on your phone.


Workshops are recorded and last about 90 minutes.

Each one includes:


  • A guided visualization that you can continue to work with after your session
  • An affirmative prayer created especially for you
  • Energy work to facilitate healing, overcome blocks, and manifest goals. This work begins in your session and is continued by Deb and Lynn after the face-time experience ends.
  • Intuitive readings from Lynn and Deb
  • Suggested exercises and action steps to follow up the workshop
  • Email follow-up with Lynn and Deb as needed


Draw upon the consciousness, not just the learning, of

two highly experienced spiritual teachers to propel your transformation.


Lynn and Deb are both known professionally for their powerful work with healing and spiritual manifestation. Together they bring more than eight decades of metaphysical expertise to work on your behalf. They don’t simply offer information, they actually add their trained consciousness to yours to help you create the results you haven’t been able to call forth on your own. This takes place in the face-time session but it also continues in Lynn and Deb’s personal spiritual work.



Reasons to schedule a private workshop:


  1. To manifest a cherished goal.


  1. To attract people and harmonizing relationships: attract the people who will open doors of opportunity and support your highest good; attract a specific kind of relationship such as a mate, mentor, new friend, future child, etc.; bring healing to problem relationships, and raise the quality of all your relationships and interactions.


  1. To support your process of physical healing and understand the spiritual lessons of a dis-ease.


  1. To help you move through a challenge time.


  1. For clarity to facilitate growth and success.


  1. To gain insight into your soul purpose with a significant other person.


  1. To meet and work with the nonphysical spiritual guides who want to assist your growth at this time.


  1. To awaken intuition and developing your psychic skills


  1. And more. Let us know your area of interest and we will create a program for you.

If you have questions about whether this offering is a good fit for you, email Lynn at lynn@lynnwoodland.com.


The fee for this workshop with Lynn and Deb is $275.

Register and pay below.

To schedule a private workshop with Lynn and Deb please complete the following. We will contact you to set up a time.

  • Best Time to schedule your appointment

    —include AM/PM, day of week, and your time zone. We can’t guarantee being able to accommodate your preferred time but we will do what we can to find a convenient meeting time. Sessions last approximately 90 minutes.)
  • If you do not show up for your workshop...

    Deb and Lynn will continue with your session at the scheduled time and record it for you to work with at your convenience. While energy work and intuitive input doesn’t require your face-time presence, it’s definitely preferable to have your live participation. Please do everything you can to arrive promptly for your session. If you are unfamiliar with Go To Meeting, you might want to log on a bit early.
  • Price: $275.00
    This payment is nonrefundable.

About Rev. Deb Teramani

Deb Teramani, a long-time colleague of Lynn Woodland, is a modern mystic. Deb has always seen angels and unseen realms, and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. A highly gifted healer, psychic, and spiritual teacher, she is also a professional prayer practitioner and licensed minister of Religious Science. She is the former co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.


Here’s what people say about working with Rev Deb:

“After years of searching for my perfect mate to no avail, I met my wonderful husband one day after Rev Deb prayed for me!

“…here’s someone who really understands how to contact the Divine and manifest results!  Thank you, Rev. Deb!  My life will never be the same.”


“Rev Deb is AMAZING!  She has been one of my greatest teachers and helped me to develop my own spiritual practice.   Her prayer work is powerful and effective.   I couldn’t say enough great things about her and all that she has done for my life.  

Fall: The Healing Journey | Register to attend the first class of The Miracles Course’s Fall Quarter



In fall, The Miracles Course curriculum begins with an exploration of physical health and spiritual healing, including a powerful ritual for miraculous healing. Also addressed in this season are topics of death and beyond, flowing with change, transcending fear and letting go, all of which lays the foundation for the spiritual transformation of the winter.


In September, the fall equinox marks the point at which darkness exceeds light for another six months and as the light fades, so does the lush growth of summer. In this transitional time, we may want to cling to the last vestiges of summer yet know we can’t keep the dark and cold at bay for long. Change and letting go are forced upon us, ready or not, and many of us catch colds in this season as our bodies struggle to adjust. September, which merely hints at the darkness to come, is the perfect time to prepare for the descent into winter by shoring up our physical well being and cultivating our power to heal.


As fall deepens, nature shows us her “dying” season. In areas where seasons are dramatically distinct, nature goes out with flashing glory before winter gives the landscape a rest. We humans are a bit more apt to go out kicking and screaming. Even if we don’t give much attention to death, even if we think we don’t fear it, death anxiety often lurks beneath the surface wearing any number of disguises that may look like fear of change, fear of endings, and fear of losing control. More people die in the darker months than any other time of year. Even when we resist consciously, we know instinctively that this is the time to let go. What if we also knew there was nothing to fear?


The spiritual work of deep fall draws us into the dark, shadowy underworld of our fears: death, loss of control, and all things denied or repressed. Just as the growing light of spring urges us to reach high for our dreams, fall’s darkening compels us to reach deep within, emerging with wisdom, power, and a life no longer defined by fear. It’s a profoundly healing journey—one that brings us face to face with our shadow and, ultimately, rewards us with many previously hidden treasures of Self.

Enroll in the Miracles Course Here

Manifesting with the New Metaphysics

An Online Workshop with Lynn Woodland

Saturday, June 27, 11 AM- 1 PM Central Time

(Not necessary to attend live)

Cost: $35. Space-limited


This workshop explores a new paradigm of metaphysics that lies beyond popular law-of-attraction spiritual teachings, offering an updated approach to the art of manifesting desires through the power of consciousness. If the law of attraction hasn’t quite worked for you, if you struggle to dispel negative thoughts and to “believe” that your goals are possible, this workshop will give a great boost to bringing your desires into being and make the process infinitely easier and more effective.



*Informative content

*Guided exercises to manifest your goals now

*A personal intuitive consult from Lynn for every participant

(Can’t attend live?

Send in your question by replying to this email and receive a personal consult from Lynn

that you can view at your convenience on the recording.)

The Spiritual Purpose of Physical Illness

An excerpt from The Miracles Course by Lynn Woodland


Illness results when we’ve grown out of alignment with our highest good and highest purpose. Whether it’s on the small scale of several days in bed with the flu or the large scale of years of struggle with a debilitating illness, getting sick has a wonderful way of stopping us in our tracks, forcing us into new priorities, and redirecting our lives. From the big-picture paradigm of our Higher Self, illness helps satisfy unmet needs and gets us back on track in ways our conscious choices don’t. Sometimes this is as simple as a few days of enforced rest when we’re feeling overwhelmed and need a little assimilation time. A more serious illness may push us to change a lifetime’s worth of old habits.


Consequently, even though we may address any number of symptoms, the root of an illness won’t go away until we willingly choose the new priorities ill health forces upon us, and when we ignore our minor symptoms, we tend to invite “louder” ones. True healing requires coming into alignment with our highest good, and if we address symptoms without supporting this realignment, we probably won’t sustain a state of health and well-being for long. We’ll need to manifest some new event to help us continue the deeper process of change we’re ready for spiritually.


There are many proponents of mind-body healing who hold that we’re responsible for the health or illness of our physical body only to a point and then heredity, circumstance, and environmental factors kick in. However, when we take a longer, spiritual view, and let go of the notion that illness is bad or that we must have done something wrong to bring it upon us, all illness can be seen as purposeful, both to the personality and to the soul. The ego, (that is, the part of us that believes we’re defined by the limits of our physical body and, thus, highly vulnerable) can’t help but find illness threatening and regard it as the enemy. The ego, which tries to “control” its way to safety, turns the idea of self-responsibility into an exercise in fearful personal control, with illness being a sign of failure. However, as we address more deeply in another lesson, “responsibility” is not the same as “control.” We can only control what’s within the range of our conscious awareness. Illness is often a way we bring hidden, nonintegrated aspects of self to the surface and open to new options. This is, perhaps, one of its most important functions. So, rather than seeing illness as our failure to be responsible for our health, it’s more useful to view it as a sign that we’re ready to grow. The part of us that chooses illness is the “Self” with a capital “S”, the Spiritual Self that sees our highest good in a way the limited perceptions of our ego can’t.


From the perspective of spiritual reality, illness is a step toward wholeness. No one consciously chooses pain or illness, yet the experience of dealing with these challenges can lead us on a journey that ultimately delivers great rewards. I’ve heard many people with cancer and other life-threatening diseases describe their illness as one of the greatest blessings of their lives because it forced them to completely reshuffle priorities and pursue new paths that brought profound fulfillment. The illness gave them permission to make choices they wouldn’t have considered otherwise.



Illness and Change


While illness may signal our spiritual readiness for change, our personality may not feel the least bit ready or willing. Typically, the more we resist exploring new priorities, lifestyles, and self-awareness, the more illness forces us, against our personal will, to submit to a life circumscribed by painful symptoms. We may feel victimized by these changes or empowered, depending upon whether we let the experience of illness lead us somewhere or force it to push us, kicking and screaming, into our next step. The more we surrender willingly to the changes illness brings, the less we experience pain and struggle, even when the final result of an illness is death. Ultimately, death, too, is a realignment with our highest good when “life” becomes a state we’ve outgrown.



Illness as a Metaphor


Even at times we don’t consider ourselves ill, we may still have a symptom or two: chronic allergies, a tendency toward headaches, a pain or weakness in a particular body part, or a susceptibility to certain kinds of illness. Whether we’re dealing with the experience of serious illness or simply the occasional minor symptom, listening to these physical manifestations of dis-ease can uncover levels of meaning and purpose to them that we may never have realized were there.


Our physical symptoms communicate to us in a language filled with obvious metaphors. If we’re willing to pay attention, they tell us a great deal about our needs, our imbalances, and our path of healing. The very metaphors we use in speaking often mirror the physical symptoms our body manifests. I first became aware of this when I was director of a Center for Attitudinal Healing in Baltimore and worked extensively with people dealing with physical illnesses. I noticed how people’s pet expressions had a way of literally describing their illness. A woman with cancerous tumors in her leg frequently used the expression, “I can’t stand it!” Someone with food allergies continually said, “I can’t stomach it!” A woman with skin cancer spoke of things “getting under her skin.” (As I shared these examples in a workshop once, a woman spoke up and said, “I have difficulty receiving from people, and I just realized that my favorite expression is,

‘I can’t take it!'”)


To start understanding the language of your own physical symptoms, consider the metaphorical meanings of the affected body parts and functions. For example, hands are for handling things. If you have pain in your hands ask yourself: are you are holding on too tightly in some way? Are you trying to “handle” everything yourself? Do you have difficulty “reaching out” for love and support? Are you having difficulty “grasping” something? If your neck and shoulders hurt, are you “shouldering” more than your share of responsibility? Are you being “stiff-necked,” or overly rigid in how you’re seeing things? If you are a woman with tumors or pain in your breasts, have you been suckling the world until there’s nothing left for you? Do you feel in need of nurturing yourself? Do you feel in some way inadequate about yourself as a woman? If you have heart problems, have you felt “heartbroken?” Have you closed your heart to warmth and love? Have you lost your joy and passion for life? See which metaphors best fit the way you feel.


A woman in one of my workshops once couldn’t see how there could be any link between the back injury she sustained in a car accident (that wasn’t her fault) and her emotional needs until I asked how easy or difficult it was for her to feel supported in life and to allow others to support her. (Our spine is what provides “support.”) She admitted that receiving support had always been extremely difficult for her. As a result of the injury, however, her life changed to include a regular routine of various therapies with caring professionals whose sole agenda was to “support” her.


Addressing the situation indicated by the metaphor can powerfully assist healing and sometimes even alleviate the need for other treatment. For example, during a time when I felt sorely burdened by the pressures of life (“shouldering” more than I could carry, so to speak) I developed a painful “frozen shoulder” condition for which a medical professional prescribed several months of physical therapy. I “treated” my emotional condition of feeling burdened by clearing many projects from my plate and giving myself a highly uncharacteristic several-month break. I played more, worked less, and made relaxing a priority. As I felt less stressed, my shoulder improved so quickly that I wound up not needing the physical therapy.


While there are some amazingly literal connections that can be made between symptoms and illnesses, it’s also important to recognize that there’s no simple mind-body cookbook explanation that can be applied to every illness. There may be profound spiritual purposes to a condition that aren’t readily visible. For example, a my dear friend Cheryl, who was born with a crippling degenerative disease that took her life when she was thirty-one, was occasionally accosted by over-eager healers who told her that if she only had enough faith, she could heal. She took offense at this, primarily because these individuals assumed that just because she lived life in a wheelchair and in an obviously different body that she was not “healed.” Cheryl strongly believed in a spiritual purpose to her physical disability. A believer in reincarnation, she felt certain that she had committed suicide in a previous life and had “chosen” her current situation to help her learn to love life no matter what. She felt her life lesson was not to change her physical body but to appreciate life in spite of any pain and limitation her body created. By the end of her life, she unquestionably did.


Many people are familiar with Louise Hay’s classic book, You Can Heal Your Life, which has a listing of physical symptoms and their corresponding emotional dynamics. While I highly recommend this as a useful reference to have on hand, I don’t suggest you start by reading someone else’s interpretation of your symptoms. Symptoms and their messages are complex and very personal. Sometimes reading what the “expert” has to say closes our minds to our own insights and even if a correspondence is right on the money for us, if we don’t feel the truth of it for ourselves, the information won’t change anything.


In coming to an understanding of why we have a particular symptom, instead of rushing quickly to a neat and tidy theory about what it means, it’s perhaps enough, at first, to simply trust that there is meaning, maybe many layers of meaning. While the following exercise offer some insight into the “language” of physical symptoms, keep in mind that a dis-ease often speaks to us on many levels at once. Be mindful not to latch on to one explanation to the exclusion of all others. Keep listening and opening, letting the messages of your body take you deeper into “Self” understanding.



Exercise: The Language of Symptoms


The following exercise can help you understand the messages your body is sending through your physical symptoms. You’ll probably find that more information and insight come to you if you do this exercise in writing. Even more effective is to do it with one or several other people, sharing each question out loud and giving each other feedback and added input. Often the messages in our physical symptoms remain stubbornly invisible to us while they are glaringly obvious to an objective observer. Another viewpoint can be invaluable in bringing some of these dynamics to light.


Step One

Where in your body do you manifest physical symptoms? What chronic or recurring physical conditions do you have?


Step Two

What are all the physical functions of this part of the body and what metaphors come to mind related to these functions? Also look at some of your pet expressions and see if they have physical body references. These expressions may tell you something about real symptoms you manifest. For example, I’ve had a tendency to manifest headaches since I was a child. I also inherited my mother’s and grandfather’s condition of growing large, benign cysts on my head. An expression I used to say frequently was, “I feel like my head’s going to explode!” I didn’t say this when I had a headache, when I literally did feel like my head would explode. Instead, this was my spontaneous expression of exasperation when I had too many things going on in my life, too many things on my mind, and felt overwhelmed. (I’ve taken this expression out of my speech. I seldom have headaches any more.) Play and free associate with your own metaphors and expressions until they reveal insights into the emotional dynamics underlying your symptoms.


Step Three

Next, ask yourself how this physical condition is serving you. As we’ve touched upon in other lessons, any life condition that we struggle with but can’t seem to change has some unconscious payoff keeping it in place. Physical illness is no exception. For example, I discovered over the years that headaches have a number of payoffs for me. Among other things, it slows my mind down when I “feel like my head’s going to explode.” When my head’s full of pain, it’s not full of thoughts. So, ask yourself what your physical symptom may be helping you, allowing you, or forcing you to do, be, or have that you wouldn’t otherwise experience. Write down everything that comes to mind, even things you wouldn’t normally define as positive. Specifically:


1)      Is it forcing you to let others help you?


2)      Is it causing you to spend your time differently? If so, what might be the gain in this?


3)      Are you receiving attention (positive or negative) that you wouldn’t otherwise get? If so, how is that attention giving you something you need or expect? (Sometimes negative attention preserves a familiar identity we’re not ready to let go of, or keeps people from expecting too much from us, to name just a couple of possible gains.) Was illness the way you received love and attention when you were young?


4)      Is your illness resulting in your developing new strengths and resources?


5)      Is it preserving a familiar identity? If so, what is that identity and what might you lose that you don’t want to lose if you acted outside your own box?


6)      It is allowing you to put off doing something burdensome or frightening?


7)      Is it protecting you from failing by preventing you from beginning something?


8)      Does it distract you and keep your attention away from things that are too painful to look at? Does physical pain take the place of emotional pain?


9)      Does it allow you to avoid painful or frightening emotions, such anger, sadness, guilt, or shame? Is illness a way you implode instead of explode?


10)   Does it give you permission to say “No,” set boundaries, get angry, be selfish, or grieve?


11)   How are your relationships with others affected by your symptom? Have they deepened as a result? Does it provide an acceptable way to be vulnerable and more open emotionally? Does it create “space” interpersonally: fewer relationships, more privacy, or more time alone? Does this condition offer protection from intimacy and possible hurts that could result from getting close?


Step Four

Review the information you’ve gathered so far and explore what secondary gains this physical condition is offering you.


Step Five

What would you need to do to receive the secondary gains without needing the physical condition? The true answer to this question invariably involves some degree of risk and stretching beyond your comfort zone. Keep exploring this question until you find where the risk is for you. This is where the greatest healing lies. It might mean taking a day off without being sick or finding ways to ask for the love, attention and support you crave without having to “need” it first.


If we look deeply enough into the payoffs of our illnesses we’re likely to uncover ways our lifestyle has gotten significantly off track. While this may push us toward difficult choices, the end results are far richer than simply being symptom-free.


Step Six

Create and act on a plan of things you’re willing to do to give yourself the secondary gains you identified without illness forcing you to it. See if you can find at least three things you’re willing to do without having to have your symptom as a motivator.


I don’t mean to encourage anyone to forgo sensible medical supervision or suffer unnecessarily without medication. I’ve certainly downed my share of Excedrin when in the throes of a migraine. I am suggesting, however, that we not rely solely on medicine to effect healing. Listening to our symptoms and letting them guide us somewhere instead of seeking the most passive release from discomfort isn’t the easiest path in the short term, but it invariably holds the richest rewards in the long term.


Preventive Health Care


I sometimes ask people what they would do if a chronic health condition became life-threatening. Without giving it much thought, many people immediately come up with a whole list of major life changes, such as leaving a relationship that isn’t working or a job they don’t like, taking time for projects or self-care that always gets back-burnered, or spending more time with family and loved ones. These folks describe all kinds of things they’ve wanted to do for a long time but feel unable to.


What would you do if you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? If there are important things you’d do if you were direly ill that you feel you can’t or shouldn’t as long as you’re healthy, you may be unconsciously setting the stage for a health crisis to enter your life to give you permission to change. The wider the gap between the life we’re currently living and the life we’d create if we knew we were seriously ill, the more we “need” illness to help us grow. You can practice preventive health care by finding ways to implement your illness plan now instead of waiting for a crisis to give you permission. If this plan necessitates difficult choices, ask yourself, would you do it if your life depended upon it? Act as if it truly does.



Questions for Thought


  1. Are there significant changes you’d make in your life if you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?


  1. If so, is there at least one of these you’re willing to do now?



If You Are Currently Living with a Life-Threatening Illness:


  1. Replace the question, “How can I get well?” with the questions “Why do I want to get well? What do I have to live for? Do I feel complete with my life as it stands? If not, what is there left for me to do?”


True healing occurs when we embrace our passion and purpose for living rather than our battle with illness and fear of death, and when we live as though each day is our last, completing whatever is unfinished and making the most of each moment. When we pursue healing in this way, the outcome of the disease becomes less important. We may find that our physical healing process speeds up miraculously, or that our symptoms remain the same but no longer inhibit our joy in living. We may find that our disease progresses, yet we experience a profound sense of peace around the transition of death. Ultimately we call forth whatever outcome best serves our highest good, and we feel at peace with it.


My previously-mentioned friend Cheryl, was an excellent model for pursuing her passions and living life to the fullest right up to her very last minute of life. Just months before her death, when she was completely bedridden and heavily medicated for pain, Cheryl was busy planning a trip to Disney World! Of course she never made the trip but she did have many better-than-Disney experiences of leaving her body and being with her angels. Her very last day included a two-hour phone conversation with me in the middle of the night describing, excitedly, a feeling she had that she was on the verge of being born. The next afternoon, hours before her death, her friends, visiting her in the hospital, sneaked her down the hall for a forbidden but much desired shower and afterward shared a last supper of her favorite chocolate doughnuts. Shortly after everyone left, Cheryl easily left her body. While we all wanted to be there, we suspected that she waited until she was alone because she knew we’d be upset watching her go and forget the truth of how delighted she was to take the leap.


  1. What are you willing to do this week, this month, and this year to pursue what you love the most? If you knew tomorrow was your last day, what do you need to do today to feel complete? How can you make today the richest time of your life?

Law of Attraction Teachings, Time Travel and the Movie “Interstellar”

Some of the most well-known “law of attraction” teachings haven’t kept up with new science. Even though these teachings subscribe to a nonlinear version of reality, for the most part they are still taught in a very linear way. The whole idea behind these teachings—that we can change physical reality through consciousness and manifest our goals through serendipity rather than time, steps and effort—by their very nature defy linear processing.

But the habit of linear thinking isn’t so easy to shed. New Thought literature generally presents mind-bending concepts in old thought, linear terms (as in read the book, write the affirmations, make the vision board, follow the steps… then see results). These teachings are locked into the linear construct of time, which new science is proving to be nonexistent in the linear sense.

Science writer Lynne McTaggart, who has documented some of the most incredible research on time in her book The Intention Experiment, writes, 
“…we believe that the consequences of our intentions can occur only in the future. What we do today cannot affect what happened yesterday. However, a sizeable body of the scientific evidence about intention violates these basic assumptions about causation.”


When we free our minds to be intentional outside of time, vast new possibilities open up. We might experience a result before we’ve practiced any steps or have even opened the book, by way of an intention or state of consciousness we will hold in the future and send back in time to ourselves.

These out-of-time experiences are harder to track than the more familiar route of doing an exercise and seeing a result, but here’s a story that illustrates this principle in a simple, obvious way. It’s a story I received from someone reading my book.

He said that he woke up with such a bad sore throat and swollen tonsils that he had to make a doctor’s appointment for that day. But in the afternoon it quickly got better and he cancelled his appointment. The next morning he awoke with a slight touch of it back and sat down for his morning meditation.

My book, Making Miracles, was nearby and he randomly opened it to the chapter on ‘Healing a condition at its start.’ He said he wasn’t surprised by the synchronicity of the chapter he opened to but he was completely caught by surprise when he read the part of the experiment where readers were directed to send a state of health back in time to 2 PM in the past—which is when he suddenly improved the day before.

Working with the fluidity of time adds a kink to traditional New Thought teachings that tell us we must (first) change our consciousness if we want to (later) change our reality. But when we’re operating outside of time, it may well be that we receive an outcome that we intentionally send to ourselves from the future. We receive it as Grace, as something we don’t necessarily feel we’ve earned or worked for in any way. Then the experience of Grace changes us and allows our beliefs about what’s possible to expand, which in turn brings us to the future point of sending a reality back in time to ourselves.


Yes, it’s a little mind-boggling, yet it’s also mind-expanding. When we let go of the linear constructs of cause and effect and linear time, new vistas open to us. I think the biggest challenge here is in simply being imaginative enough to conceive of the possibilities. When I speak on this topic of time displacement in my classes, I tend to get a lot of glazed looks and other signs of minds on tilt. We take time and linear reality so for granted that we don’t even try to imagine what anything else would look like. And when we can’t conceptualize, our minds and options remain limited to those we already know.


So, enter the movie Interstellar. This meticulously researched movie deals with such concepts as the science of black holes, space travel, and the bending of time. It’s been praised for its accurate portrayal and visual realization of scientific complexities in a way that has never been done before in a feature film. As Interstellar ventures into the far reaches of space and science in an unprecedented way, it stretches our imaginations. Not only is it great entertainment and interesting science, it might just be teaching us how to conceive of the inconceivable, bringing us a little closer to accessing yet-untapped realms of human potential.