The Master Class Mentoring Program

The Master Class Mentoring Program

Limited to 6 participants

Set a truly meaningful intention for 2015 with this new offering

from Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani



What if an eight week commitment could kick start your life, resolve your most stubborn challenges, and start your highest heart’s desires unfolding?

This intensive, new-concept mentoring program allows you to

borrow our consciousness to manifest your goals.

See the impossible become possible!



“We [Lynn and Deb] have been doing spiritual work together for decades and we never fail to see results. We want to share this experience and are very excited to see how this energy can manifest for you. We want to assist you in overcoming whatever problem, block, or obstacle you have not been able to resolve yourself. We want you to have a transformation so evident that it leaves us all in awe at the power of Spirit.”


Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani



What makes this the most intensive program either of us has ever offered:


Draw upon the consciousness, not just the learning, of two master teachers to propel your transformation. Let us help you stay in the consciousness that attracts miracles.


Meet and work with the nonphysical spiritual guides who want to assist your growth at this time.

Rev. Deb has clairvoyantly seen angels and nonphysical beings since early childhood. Lynn has been giving intuitive readings for more than 40 years. The two of us will help you to see and hear from your spiritual helpers so that you can fully receive the help these beings have to fast track your life goals and purposes.


Receive counsel, strategies and exercises specially designed for you.

There is no made-for-all curriculum. Your program is created with your goals, strengths, challenges and unique personality in mind.


Regularly receive intuitive guidance from Lynn and Rev Deb to gain clarity and speed your progress.


Receive energy work to release the unconscious blocks that keep you limited and to install the vibrational “software” for success.


Experience affirmative prayer from a master practitioner.

Affirmative prayer, also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, is a powerful practice designed to create results. Rev. Deb uses this form of prayer to help you clear away limiting attitudes, access the wisdom you already possess and set in motion a process of miraculous transformation.



The Format


Participate in eight, weekly, two-on-one sessions with both Rev Deb and Lynn online via Go To Meeting.

These weekly sessions, lasting approximately one hour, include:

  • Practical guidance related to overcoming obstacles and manifesting your goals
  • Intuitive information from Lynn and Deb to facilitate movement toward your goals
  • Energy work for releasing unconscious blocks and self-sabotage, as well as attunements and chakra healing specific to your needs.
  • Clairvoyant and intuitive information about your spiritual guides and the answers they have for you.
  • Affirmative prayer work.


Receive daily messages from Lynn and Rev Deb to support your journey for eight weeks and continue to receive frequent messages throughout the year.

These messages include simple spiritual practices, recorded meditations, prayers, or other inspirational material to help you maintain momentum.


Have access to Lynn and Rev Deb via email as needed to answer questions and offer guidance.

For eight weeks you have our full attention to support your success.


Participate in a weekly group session, via Go To Meeting, limited to six participants.

These sessions address the needs of all participants as well as present helpful material and energetic work to support healing, manifestation, and forward movement.


After eight weeks, “graduate” to a monthly group session with other graduates to continue to support your progress.

We will follow you for a year, supporting you with our personal spiritual work (we work with you in our personal spiritual practices even when we are not face to face), being available by email, sending helpful practices and messages, and meeting in live, weekly group sessions.


debheadshot-2-2-2-2-2-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2About Rev. Deb Teramani


Rev. Deb, (known as “Rev Deb”) long-time colleague of Lynn Woodland, is a modern mystic. A life-long seeker, Deb has always been in touch with angels and unseen realms; and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for over 40 years. A highly gifted healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher, she is also a professional prayer practitioner and licensed minister of Religious Science. She is co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.


Rev Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently until their issue is satisfactorily resolved. Deb says: “I know prayer always works and that with God, anything is possible!”


Here’s what people say about working with Rev Deb:


“After years of searching for my perfect mate to no avail, I met my wonderful husband one day after Rev Deb prayed for me!

“I thought I knew about prayer, until I began to learn from Rev. Deb. After years of lackadaisical results and quiet discouragement, I found my prayer life revolutionized after just a few sessions.  I mean, here’s someone who really understands how to contact the Divine and manifest results, and now she’s selflessly sharing her experience and wisdom with others!  Thank you, Rev. Deb!  My life will never be the same.”


“Rev Deb is AMAZING!   She has been one of my greatest teachers and helped me to develop my own spiritual practice.   Her prayer work is powerful and effective.   I couldn’t say enough great things about her and all that she has done for my life.   I feel so blessed to know her.”


Program begins in late January, 2015.

Cost for the year: $2000

To participate, contact Lynn Woodland at

The Winter Solstice Miracle of Light

Sunday, December 21, 6-9 PM

Lynn’s 28th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration
Do the pleasure, joy, and wonder of the winter holiday season get lost for you amidst shopping, parties, and family obligations? This event goes right to the heart of the season: the recovery of warmth, love and light at a time of greatest darkness. If your spark has been low lately, this celebration will help rekindle joy, faith and wonder so you will find renewal from this season’s holidays of light.
Preparation: Bring a wrapped gift to give away that represents all the good you wish to invite into your life in the coming year.

CALL TO REGISTER: 612-729-3261 or email
.(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering ($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)
LOCATION: The Mind and Body Spiritual Center, The Banks Building, 615 First Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN

December Video Blog | The Healing Power of Darkness

In this holiday-packed time of year one could almost overlook the deepening darkness and the inclination to hibernate that are natural to the season.People of not so many generations back used to sleep more in these long nights. Not us. We turn on the lights, indoors and out, fight nature’s pull to cozy in, and schedule the splashiest late-night parties of the year. Instead of becoming quiet and introspective, we’re more likely than ever to lose ourselves in a frenetic social whirl.

There is, of course, something miraculous and hopefulhappening this time every year, something truly worth celebrating: the simple, wondrous rebirth of light where the ever-increasing darkness of fall gives way to the lengthening days of winter and spring. The many spiritual holidays celebrated within days or weeks of the winter solstice all echo our instinctive understanding of light’s importance to our physical survival and spiritual renewal.

Light is an often-used metaphor for all things wise and wonderful. We “see the light,” find “light at the end of a tunnel” and a “silver lining around every dark cloud.” It’s easy to give credit for all things good to the light and simply ignore the power of dark; darkness, with its opposite connotations of fearfulness, depression, ignorance and death.

Yet, here we are in a time of year when it’s difficult to deny the presence of darkness, as hard as we may try. What’s more, whatever we ignore inevitably has a way of sneaking up from behind and tripping us when we’re not looking. This is certainly true of those aspects of self we don’t like. The ones we keep hidden in the dark nether regions of our being because they’re too painful, too shameful, or too imperfect to admit to ourselves, let alone to other people.

So, here’s a different kind of winter solstice ritual, one that honors the moment of deepest darkness that has to happen before we can give ourselves over to the jubilant celebration of light. After all, this is the perfect time of year to give darkness its due and, for once, stop trying to ignore or artificially light it out of existence. And even though it may not inspire the cheerful exuberance of spring or summer, see if this exercise doesn’t leave you clearer, cleaner, and more ready to fully embrace the deep quiet miracle of light that is the season’s truest offering.

As a starting place, take a moment to reflect on the year that’s been, the one that’s following its natural course and ending in darkness. What are the stand-out “points of darkness” you experienced this year? The very worst of times, the biggest catastrophes, the deepest despair, the times you most want to forget ever happened?

As you recall these moments, notice the feelings these memories evoke. We tend to suppress, ignore or medicate pain out of existence in much the same way we artificially cover darkness with light. Unfortunately, all these pain-coping methods don’t make pain go away, just underground until it eventually grows too big to ignore. So instead of sending one more bit of pain to the dark, crowded storage locker of your psyche, this time simply be with it.

Notice how it feels in your body. Is it a sinking feeling in your gut? An empty place in your heart? A cloud of confusion around your head? A lump in your throat? A tense, armored feeling in your muscles? A clenched feeling in your jaw or fists? A fearfulness in your bowels? Instead of turning away from these raw places, this time give them your full attention. Notice the sensation of the feeling in your body and relax into it. Stop struggling. Stop thinking, stop trying to move on or make it go away.

Also let go of familiar interpretations and judgments you have around these feelings: “My sadness is bottomless. If I truly feel it, I’ll just fall deeper and deeper until I drown.” Or “My anger is wrong. I shouldn’t have it. It will hurt someone.” Tell yourself instead that as you stop resisting feeling, pain stops being pain and becomes something usable, something healing. Go deeply enough into these dark parts of yourself until you feel your resistance letting go, struggle being replaced by surrender, tension turning into relaxation, fear giving way to an awareness that there is nothing to fear.

Now, imagine yourself in total darkness. (Try doing this at night.) Most of us can recall middle of the night anxieties where we lay awake in bed, in the dark, and our whole world looked dismal and dangerous in a way it seldom does during the day. The darkness to imagine now is a different one altogether (or perhaps the same, but we are different). This darkness is healing.

So many of us on a spiritual path have invoked the healing power of light, but what about that of dark? Imagine darkness around you like sheltering earth around a seed. Instead of imagining light pouring into the wounded places of your soul, imagine darkness, like a mother, drawing out of you the pain, doubt, worry, resentment, confusion and fear that interfere with peace. Feel it absorbing into itself the thoughts, memories and patterns that keep you from being your true self. Let the dark take back to itself all the darkness in you so there’s nothing left but light. The light that needs no artificial or external inducement. The Inner Light that has always been there. Feel yourself in this dark like a caterpillar in its chrysalis, safe and sheltered while a miraculous flurry of transformation is quietly underway.

Last, but not least, reflect again on those moments of darkness that have occurred in your life this year and now, instead of feeling the pain, ask them to show you their hidden blessings. How have you deepened, strengthened, changed direction, reached out to others or cared more deeply for yourself? How have you learned compassion, acceptance or forgiveness? Or gained clarity, broken down barriers, found your tenderness, released stubbornness and ego, or allowed others to help you? How has your very definition of who you are changed? Give thanks for the power of darkness to polish, facet and bring out the natural brilliance of your heart.

Consider sharing with another person the story of finding great blessing in this year’s points of darkness. Let the power of your spoken word change your personal mythology, transforming defeats and losses into powerful stories of resurrection.

December Magic with Lynn Woodland

December Magic with Lynn Woodland

In Minneapolis, Sundays, December 7, 14, 21, & 28 (Attend one or all four)

The Mind and Body Spiritual Center


Manifest your heart’s desires and bring deeper meaning and joy to this year’s winter holiday season of Light


December is a month packed with a complicated interweaving of sacred holidays, family traditions, commercialism, endless parties, bittersweet recollections of the past, and hopeful peaks into the future. At the core of it all is the deep, magical rebirth of light at the point of greatest darkness that many world religions celebrate in different ways.


The winter solstice, the darkest point of the year, marks the beginning of light returning—of life itself returning to the earth. Yet, this quiet rebirth is set in the midst of a long, dark cold season, where the fruits of renewal are still many months away. Thus this season of profound darkness invites us to have faith in what can’t yet be physically seen. In order to see what’s ahead, we have to return to childlike perception that believes in magic and has abounding hope for the future. This series goes to the heart of the season to cultivate the state of mind and open heart that gives rise to miracles.


This 31-day email blast offers simple, daily spiritual practices to rekindle our joy, faith, and sense wonder at this magical time of year. It’s our holiday gift to you and we hope you’ll join us in finding renewal and miracles in this year’s Season of Light.



Sunday, December 7, 1:30-4:30 PM

Manifest Your Heart’s Desire in this Group Miracle Experiment

The December Series begins with an exercise in miracle-making. Taping group energy, intuition, and the miraculous power of unconditional love, this miracle experiment is both a powerful exercise in manifesting and a heart-opening spiritual experience. Shake the winter blues and call in your highest desires. Please join us! Anything can happen.



Gifts of Magic ~ Magic, Miracles & Presents!

Sunday, December 14, 1:30-4:30 PM

This class begins with every participant receiving a “gift of magic” from Lynn and culminates with everyone learning and practicing the spiritual art of manifesting. This event is both grounding and uplifting, combining the fun of opening presents with the practical spirituality that brings dreams to life.


The Winter Solstice Miracle of Light

Lynn’s 28th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration

Sunday, December 21, 6-9 PM

Do the pleasure, joy, and wonder of the winter holiday season get lost for you amidst shopping, parties, and family obligations? This event goes right to the heart of the season: the recovery of warmth, love and light at a time of greatest darkness. If your spark has been low lately, this celebration will help rekindle joy, faith and wonder so you will find renewal from this season’s holidays of light.

Preparation: Bring a wrapped gift to give away that represents all the good you wish to invite into your life in the coming year.


New Year’s Event

Sunday, December 28, 1:30-4:30 PM

The year’s end holds such a strong collective mind-set of new beginnings and light returning that it’s a potent time to do spiritual work. In this class we will set a tone for the year, not with quickly broken resolutions, but by claiming a spiritual power that will grow steadily within us over time. You’ll find the event to be a meaningful alternative to the usual frenetic holiday parties.



CALL TO REGISTER: 612-729-3261 or email

(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering ($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

LOCATION: the Mind and Body Spiritual Center, The Banks Building,  615 First Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN


The Banks Building is a locked building. Please arrive promptly. If no one is at the door to let you in, text or call: 612-840-1901.

First Class of the Winter Quarter is Free Audit this live, online class with Lynn Woodland on the topic of Darkness into Light—Creating Miracles

First Class of the Winter Quarter is Free

Audit this live, online class with Lynn Woodland on the topic of

Darkness into Light—Creating Miracles

Wednesday, December 3, 7 PM Central Time.

Attend on your computer or by phone.

The Miracles Course

Everyone deserves a miraculous life. Isn’t it your turn?

Miracles aren’t hard work.

The Miracles Course works simply by showing up.


Now accepting students for the December Quarter beginning December 1.


Last Chance to enroll before tuition changes

* Students who enroll in this quarter will not be affected by upcoming tuition increases.


*Complete the year and be grandfathered in for free, unlimited access to Miracles Course classes. Many students find they get as much and more out of the course the second time around and graduates are invited to participate as “refresher” students for as long as they like. We will be discontinuing this as a free service in March.

Classes begin December 3. We recommend enrolling before this date to allow for orientation time. Late registration ends December 9.


Tuition Discounts and Payment Plans Available. See below for details.

What fuels the Miracles Course:

  • A team of three professionals—qualified New Thought spiritual leaders with a wide range of teaching, coaching, healing, and intuitive skills—who care about you. We know that miracles are for everyone and we are willing to invest time in you so that you experience this yourself.


  • The tremendous advantage of group spiritual work. The Miracles Course is a community and shifts happen far more quickly and powerfully when we work together. Things that have been difficult to accomplish alone can fall into place effortlessly with the amplifying effect of group energy and unconditional love.


  • A circular, seasonal curriculum that engages your subconscious mind in an archetypal journey mirroring the growing cycles of nature. Whether you use this program as a transformative personal growth experience, a meaningful path to ordination, or as an ongoing touch stone for staying on track, your life begins to flow as harmoniously as the seasons. Positive changes, new opportunities, successes, prosperity, improved relationships, as well as physical and emotional healing of all sorts start to unfold with ease and serendipity instead of effort.



The Miracles Course is more than an educational program.

It’s the miraculous power of unconditional love in action.

We look forward to being in community and in transformation

with you!

The Miracles Course Staff

Course Creator and Instructor: Lynn Woodland, author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World


Student Supervisor: Rev. Sandy Boyer, Licensed Unity Teacher and Spiritual Leader for Unity of Hagerstown


Spiritual Counselor: Rev. Deb Teramani, Licensed Minister of Religious Science and Co-minister of the Center for Spiritual Living, Baltimore


Technical Administrator: Cynthia Lillquist,


The Winter Curriculum

The winter curriculum emphasizes spiritual renewal and the cultivation of faith in what we can only know beyond our physical senses. Themes addressed include “Discerning Inner Guidance,” “Prayer,” “Cultivating Spiritual Power,” and “Empowered Service.” The season of lessons culminates with a month dedicated to love, romantic and other intimate relationships, and attracting the right people. The spiritual work includes a ritual to call forth a desired spiritual quality and exercises to manifest the relationships that best serve us. Enroll for a single season or continue through the whole year.



Study Buddy Discount: Register with one or more friends and each receives a $100 tuition discount (See the Miracles Course Enrollment Page)


Group Discounts: We encourage using this work to build community. As space permits, we may be able to offer discounts to groups. To check availability and details on this, contact


Payment Plan: A monthly payment plan is available. See the Miracles Course Enrollment Page for details.


Do you have a question about the Miracles Course? Please email it to me:


Enroll in the Miracles Course:


Comments from our students:


Over the years, I’ve taken more courses and seminars than I can count, but Lynn’s courses have had the deepest impact of all. Actually, in light of her understanding of the time continuum, I feel like this course has impacted all of my life, backwards and forwards!


The support from the faculty is incredible and such a blessing, and I also have a wonderful spiritual network that spans the globe!


One of the biggest personal results for me had to do with a private issue. I’d taken sleep medication for many years and was upset to find it had become a biological addiction. I despaired of ever getting off of it. Through the course, I came to see that anything was possible—even ending an addiction. Halfway through the course, my consciousness had changed so much that I was able to drop the medicine, detox from it, and haven’t taken it since. Shortly after that, I was able to realize one of my lifelong dreams to start a dance company…


I especially appreciate the way the material follows the natural cycle of the year; there is indeed a time to lie fallow, a time to plant and a time to reap.


One of the strongest points of the program, along with the teaching, is the mentoring.


[Rev.] Sandy Boyer made a huge difference, supporting, guiding, and encouraging me all along the way. Because the course is challenging, this gentle spiritual coaching is vitally important and I’m glad Lynn built this aspect into the program.


Rev. Deb is AMAZING! Her prayer work is powerful and effective. I feel so blessed to know her.


Rev. Deb has given me such valuable spiritual guidance and inspiration. I can really feel when she is holding me in prayer! I am truly grateful for her support. Deb says prayer always works—and I’m starting to believe her!


This course is not a replacement for your spiritual or religious path; it is a wonderful enhancement that teaches a new way of living. I am learning to live from a place of hope and love rather than a place of fear.


There is something really wonderful in the space you all have created and

I’m thankful to be able to participate.

The Miracles Course Winter Quarter

Winter: Inner Transformation

The Miracles Course curriculum honors the barren, inward season of winter with such themes as “Living Empty,” Discerning Inner Guidance” “Prayer,” “Cultivating Spiritual Power,” and “Empowered Service.” The season of lessons culminates with a month dedicated to love and relationships. The spiritual work includes a ritual to call forth a desired spiritual quality and exercises to manifest the relationships that best serve us.

For more info visit The Miracles Course website here

Seasons of Self | The Season of Food Begins!

Ah, that wonderful time of year after the harvest, when food is abundant and Thanksgiving begins a whole season of eating! Yet for us overfed and diet-obsessed Americans, the season of food can be a time of losing our tenuous hold on sensible eating habits and surrendering completely to more than a month of uncontrolled feasting on rich and sentimental comfort foods.


“But Mom only makes this once a year!” and “It’s only for the holidays…” we tell ourselves, and then in January wonder how that extra ten pounds got there!

If a little cheating on your sensible eating plan morphs into a month-long binge for you at holiday time, consider a different approach, an alternative to deprivation or binging, involving neither guilt nor denial; one that actually results in more gastronomic pleasure than simply eating everything in sight. The secret has to do with replacing quantity with quality and autopilot eating habits with an extra measure of attentiveness.

Conscious eating is all about waking up your taste buds to every sensory delight so that you don’t miss even a second’s worth of enjoyment by falling into unconscious eating habits. It enables you to enjoy your food more while requiring less to feel satisfied.

Binging happens when we’ve stopped paying attention. We may enjoy the first bites but then keep eating to recapture that first moment’s gratification even after the food is no longer delivering. We may eat for reasons other than hunger, to fill an emotional void or to stuff painful feelings. Binging also happens when we’ve developed such a long-term habit of restrictive dieting that one taste of something not our food plan sends us into an out-of-control eating frenzy where we consume enough to hold us through the long drought of deprivation that invariably follows “cheating.”

This holiday plan calls for a softer (in the kinder, not fatter, sense), gentler you. It involves putting down the whip of guilt and discipline and easing up on food restrictions while simultaneously paying more attention to the whole experience of appetite, craving, and satiation. It entails eating exactly what you want exactly when you want, thinking of all foods as equally “good.” This isn’t permission to binge. Rather it’s a challenge to go out of your way to feed yourself exactly what you really want even when eating what’s readily available would be easier. It’s about treating yourself to what will give the greatest possible eating pleasure instead of “treating” yourself with whatever great quantities of sugar and fat happen to cross your path.

This approach isn’t for everyone (and please don’t substitute my suggestions for your doctor’s counsel), but if it’s appealing to you, consider devoting the holiday season to making every eating experience a conscious one where you eliminate as many distractions as possible, like TV, reading material, and eating on the run, in order to savor every bite.

Make eating a meditation: before you put anything in your mouth, become quiet and relaxed, take several deep breaths and say to yourself, “Everything I eat turns to health and beauty.” You can do this even at the holiday table with family and friends. Especially with family where the temptation may be strong to stuff down childhood feelings with another serving of pie. Disconnecting a bit inwardly and putting your attention on the food, your body, your nourishment, and the experience of pleasure can help break the knee-jerk, stuffing-family-feelings-with-food habit.

As you take a moment to be with your food before you consume it, picture it being easily assimilated by your body and turning into health and beauty. Eat slowly, paying attention as you chew and swallow. Stop the minute you feel the first sensation of fullness. If you’re full but can’t stand the thought of leaving all that yummy food on your plate, ask for a doggie bag. After eating, sit quietly for a moment, relax, and take some deep breaths. Imagine a feeling of comfortable fullness and lightness in your body. Imagine that your stomach is filled not just with food, but with peace and well-being that radiates soothing sensations throughout your body.

Don’t eat again until you feel the first sensation of hunger. Then eat immediately, but only until you feel the first sensation of fullness. Pay attention as you eat, chew well, and really notice how food feels in your stomach and what the sensation of fullness is like. Every time you feel hunger, ask yourself what food you most crave. Feed yourself the food or foods that are just what you want. You may find yourself craving previously “forbidden” foods at first because enforced restriction can, in and of itself, create cravings for whatever’s been denied but, as you eat consciously in this way, you’re likely to find yourself satisfied with much less. And, as you eat consciously but not restrictively, you may also be surprised by your cravings becoming more and more balanced. I once saw a perpetually dieting and vegetable-phobic woman, who equated greens with cruel punishment, astonish herself by craving salad after just three days of giving herself permission to eat whatever she wanted.

If you’re tempted to binge, create a healing ritual around eating one of your favorite foods. Set the table, light candles, and eat consciously, savoring each bite. Imagine the food having marvelous healing powers that are making you healthier and more beautiful. Continue eating this way until you feel the first sensation of fullness. (Again, you’ll probably find yourself eating less and enjoying it more.) End by giving thanks for your healing food.

If you do catch yourself eating unconsciously, forgive yourself. Notice what the binge is telling you about your emotional needs. Forgive the eating and address the cause. How are you feeling empty, angry, sad, or scared, and what can you do about it?

After all, the holidays with all their frenetic activity, social obligations, and childhood associations, are prime time for exacerbating emotional eating. As you make a commitment to conscious eating, also make a commitment to self-care. Make a list of other things you can do to nurture and soothe yourself that don’t involve food and give yourself time to do them when the urge to overeat arises. Let conscious eating become just the beginning of a more conscious approach to the holiday season where the frenzy of it all doesn’t override the spirit of celebration and joy.

It’s the End of the World as we Know it

A Day of the Dead workshop and “prequel” to the upcoming Power Intensive

Sunday, November 2, 2-5 PM, Minneapolis


Register by emailing or calling 612-729-3261.

Cost: Self-determined offering ($25-35 is typical, nothing is mandatory)

Location: Private party room in Edina. Directions provided upon registration.


This 3-hour workshop commemorates The Day of the Dead with a look at themes of endings and new beginnings. It’s also a “prequel” to the upcoming Power Intensive whose theme, “It’s The Hour,” suggests that we’ve reached a collective tipping point where we must commit ourselves whole-heartedly to becoming the change we want to bring forth, or experience ever-increasing breakdown along with world around us.


Everyone is welcome to attend this workshop and if you’re thinking about attending the upcoming session of Power or are curious about it, I particularly invite you to join me for this POWERful gathering.

This is The Hour—the Quickening of Humanity

There is a much-circulated “Message of the Hopi Elders” that is a powerfully prophetic and beautiful piece of prose that reads like spiritual text. If you look for it on the internet you will see it repeated on countless web sites. It goes like this:


You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is The Hour.

Here are the things that must be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know our garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.
And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personal. Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word “struggle” from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”


Continue reading

Master Guides Master Class Webinar

Using crowd-sourced intuition and input, we will invite the assistance of higher energies to heighten our capacity for manifesting our dreams and changing the world for the better.


Attend by phone or on your computer

Saturday, October 25th, 11 AM-1 PM Central Time

Limited to 30 participants.

Early registration is recommended.

Cost: $35



*Receive guidance, clarity, insight, and healing from the Guides

*Shift old patterns to allow easy fulfillment of goals

*Build a personal connection with helpful “Master Guides”

*Receive a personal intuitive reading from Lynn



Whether you plan to register for this workshop or not, we’d like your input!

 In the form below, describe your perception of an Ascended Master Guide. This may be a being with a familiar name or one who seems purely imaginary. Let this be a spiritual being who feels particularly inspiring and uplifting to you. Feel free to submit more than one. Twelve of these contributions will comprise the Counsel of Guides we will work with in the webinar.



Working with the Master Guides…


We all have a variety of spiritual guides who are present with us for a lifetime or for periods of time to help us with specific lessons and life experiences. There are also hosts of beings who will come to our aid when we call upon them for specific purposes. The angelic kingdom is filled with beings of light waiting to assist us in ways small and large—from miraculous healing to finding a parking place.

This workshop focuses on connecting with, not the personal guides who are always with us, but what I think of as “The Great Ones”—ascended masters who serve humanity, our planet, and All That Is at a collective level. These beings include the great Master Guides whose names are familiar to us from world religions like Jesus, Buddha, and the Archangels. They may also include beings whose names we’ve never heard. (If the idea of spiritual guides is outside your belief system, you might wish to think of them as personified versions of Universal forces that support the highest good of all.)

The inspiration for the Master Class came from the Master Guides themselves. After having my own personal experience of obstacles disappearing dramatically within just four days of asking the Master Guides for help, I became profoundly aware of how much we can speed up our growth and manifestation by inviting spiritual assistance. Yet receiving help from the “Masters” isn’t just about our small, personal goals. There’s a bigger order at work by which the fulfillment of our human ambitions makes us more effective vehicles for serving the greater good. In other words, they help us so we can better help them. We can do far more good when we’re not struggling with financial scarcity, ill health, unhappiness and other road blocks.

This is the purpose of working with the Master Guides. It’s not simply a matter of asking for spiritual assistance to enhance our lives, although this will happen. It’s about joining with powerful spiritual beings in a mission greater than ourselves, in recognition that a life dedicated to loving ALL is ultimately the most fulfilling path there is.