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Who is your Ascended Master Guide?


Whether you plan to register for the Master Guides Workshop or not, we’d like your input!

 In the form below, describe your perception of an Ascended Master Guide. This may be a being with a familiar name or one who seems purely imaginary. Let this be a spiritual being who feels particularly inspiring and uplifting to you. Feel free to submit more than one. Twelve of these contributions will comprise the Counsel of Guides we will work with in the webinar.




Working with the Master Guides…


We all have a variety of spiritual guides who are present with us for a lifetime or for periods of time to help us with specific lessons and life experiences. There are also hosts of beings who will come to our aid when we call upon them for specific purposes. The angelic kingdom is filled with beings of light waiting to assist us in ways small and large—from miraculous healing to finding a parking place.

This workshop focuses on connecting with, not the personal guides who are always with us, but what I think of as “The Great Ones”—ascended masters who serve humanity, our planet, and All That Is at a collective level. These beings include the great Master Guides whose names are familiar to us from world religions like Jesus, Buddha, and the Archangels. They may also include beings whose names we’ve never heard. (If the idea of spiritual guides is outside your belief system, you might wish to think of them as personified versions of Universal forces that support the highest good of all.)

The inspiration for the Master Class came from the Master Guides themselves. After having my own personal experience of obstacles disappearing dramatically within just four days of asking the Master Guides for help, I became profoundly aware of how much we can speed up our growth and manifestation by inviting spiritual assistance. Yet receiving help from the “Masters” isn’t just about our small, personal goals. There’s a bigger order at work by which the fulfillment of our human ambitions makes us more effective vehicles for serving the greater good. In other words, they help us so we can better help them. We can do far more good when we’re not struggling with financial scarcity, ill health, unhappiness and other road blocks.

This is the purpose of working with the Master Guides. It’s not simply a matter of asking for spiritual assistance to enhance our lives, although this will happen. It’s about joining with powerful spiritual beings in a mission greater than ourselves, in recognition that a life dedicated to loving ALL is ultimately the most fulfilling path there is.

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