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The Power Intensive | April 26th – 30th | Registration

The Power Intensive, by far my most intensive offering, provides a safe container for the journey into True Power. The process asks us to unlearn everything we thought we knew for certain, shed remnants of the past we thought we were already done with, discern our most passionate callings and strengthen our will. It lifts us to moments of ecstatic peak life experience where healing and manifestation happen instantaneously, and sets us down again feeling less afraid of uncertainty; more trusting in the process of life. If I said I knew what would happen in each intensive, I’d be lying. It’s truly a laboratory for experimentation; a crucible for transformation with each session being as different and unpredictable as the people in attendance and the times we’re in. Those who’ve attended one Power Intensive often come back again and again because each experience is a new adventure and cultivates a new dimension of empowerment.

POWER!is a workshop I recommend for who people who already have a sense of their own power and are ready to achieve a higher degree of mastery. When such a group of people come together, there truly is no limit to what we can create. What are appropriate goals to bring to the Power Intensive? No less than your highest dreams and heart’s desires. Understand, however, that stepping into True Power opens the door to dreams you never thought to dream before. You may discover things your heart has always longed for but your mind has never known how to name, and these will undoubtedly require leaving your comfort zone far behind. And now, if you’re excited, a little afraid, and ready for a big leap, you may be a candidate for the upcoming session of POWER!

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The following feedback came from POWER Intensive participants

My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more! I have always had amazing miracles occur during and after the workshops, but this most recent miracle experience was an instant manifestation, and very specific. I had been looking for a way to obtain a home of my own and because of a recent divorce was unable to purchase one. As I got into my vehicle with the broken muffler, and prayed she would start, I started listening to my messages. My father had called at some point while I was proclaiming my right to manifest my home. He had left a message stating that he would like to visit the twin cities and see about helping me buy a house! Whoa. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It seemed so easy and effortless to manifest. A few days later my good neighbor asked me if I knew of anyone who wanted a Subaru Outback, green with a stick shift, new stereo, and all-wheel drive. I laughed and said, yes, I would love to buy my dream car, would she take payments, of course, she said! I now drive my very reliable dream car while house hunting with my father!

OMG, everyone!!! Have I got a miracle healing story for you!! This is the most dramatic miracle I have ever manifested!!

…I don’t even know what to say other than wow, wow, wow… I am still reeling. But SOMETHING DEFINITELY SHIFTED DURING OUR WORKSHOP!!!!!! I would say for you to expect miracles OF ANY MAGNITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!”

Advance registration is required. Details and registration below:


Wednesday: 6 PM to approximately 12 AM

Thurs & Friday: 6:30 PM to approximately 12 AM

Saturday: 12:30 PM to approximately 12 AM

Sunday: 1 PM to approximately 9 PM

(Starting times are exact. Ending times are approximate.)

Cost: Payment by self-determined fee. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. This deposit is nonrefundable if you do not attend or complete the workshop. At the end you will be directed to consult your inner guidance as to what is the right amount of payment for you. At that time you may add to or request back any or all of your deposit. You may pay all at once with cash, check, or credit card, or over time by giving a series of post-dated checks or via Pay Pal.

Location: Epworth United Methodist Church,

3207 37th Ave. S. in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis




On the first evening of the workshop, please arrive at 6:00. There will be a chance to ask for assistance with carpooling or overnight accommodations at the end of the first night. If you have difficulty arranging a ride for the first day, please request help with this. 

Dress comfortably and bring a pillow and a blanket for on-the-floor activities. Chairs are also available, and we encourage you to use whatever type of seating will be most comfortable for you. Many people like to bring armless stadium seats (these are available at places like Target for about $20) or bean bag chairs for comfort on the floor. No food is served during the workshop, however, you may bring your own food and drinks for the breaks. On Saturday and Sunday there is a long dinner break which will be pot luck or taken at a restaurant. Details about meals will be provided on the first night. The meal breaks are considered part of the workshop. Please do not schedule outside activities during that time.

Preparing for the POWER Intensive 

POWER is a profoundly transformational process that begins as soon as you make the commitment to attend. To help you better understand this process and work with it effectively, please carefully read the following at least several times:

All movement toward growth, even when it is growth toward what we most want in life, stirs our resistance to change. Nearly everyone who participates in POWER experiences some level of resistance prior to attendance. This can take the form of anxiety, nervousness, and emotional resistance, or it can manifest in various degrees of breakdown, including work conflicts, schedule conflicts, illness, car and transportation problems, forgetfulness, other people’s needs cutting into the time you set for yourself to attend the workshop, and a multitude of other circumstantial obstacles.

Once you decide to do POWER, the extent to which things get in the way of your attendance very likely parallels the extent to which you find yourself falling short of your goals in life. Therefore, each obstacle that you overcome becomes an important step in breaking through old patterns of limitation and will greatly enhance your experience in the workshop. A helpful perspective is to ask yourself: if having, doing, or being your highest heart’s desire required overcoming these obstacles, could you/would you do it? Many people have experienced significant breakthroughs and healing before the workshop even began, simply through the power of their commitment and intention to grow.

The following steps will help you to work productively with the period of time before the workshop begins:

  1. Complete and submit your application as soon as possible. Your POWER experience begins when you make this commitment.
  2. Before sleep and on awakening, take several moments to reflect upon what you most want in life and what you most need for your highest good. Suspend disbelief and negativity as you do this so you begin to feel that your highest goals are truly accessible to you. Picture yourself attending POWER and using it to create these things that are important to you.
  3. Begin a journal and record significant thoughts, feelings, experiences, and dreams, especially those relating to manifesting your highest goals.
  4. Call with any questions you may have: 612-840-1901 and with any assistance needs you may have around transportation or other obstacles to your attendance. Lynn and the assisting team will do what we can to help.
  5. Know that you deserve a peak life experience! Giving yourself the opportunity to attend POWER now instead of later can produce dramatic results in your work, health, relationships, and other areas of life. So if you feel a desire to do the intensive now, don’t postpone it!


You will be asked to agree to the following ground rules early in the workshop. Familiarize yourself with the ground rules and be prepared to agree to them or ask for an appropriate exception from Lynn.

  1. POWER meets in sessions of roughly 2-3 hours, separated by breaks. Starting times each day are exact. Ending times are approximate. At the start of each session come into the room promptly, as soon as you hear the entry music. Be in the room before the door is closed (about several minutes after the entry music starts) and remain in the room until the next break.
  2. Attend all sessions on all days of the workshop.
  3. Keep confidential other participants’ sharing and experiences.
  4. Do not drink alcohol or use illegal mind-altering drugs during all days of the workshop.
  5. No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, writing or using cell phones (unless otherwise instructed) in the room while the workshop is in session. Please keep cell phones turned off during sessions.


POWER is offered to you unconditionally with no set fee or required minimum payment. The typical per person average payment for this workshop has been between $800 and $1200. You will be asked to decide what you wish to give near the end of the workshop. You are given complete freedom to determine your own payment and what you choose to give is confidential. There is no pressure to give a minimum amount. Typically, individual payment amounts range from 0 to thousands. Only you know what the right amount for you is. This payment process is an important part of the workshop curriculum, which includes examining and healing our relationship to money. Believing that you “can’t afford it” is never a valid reason for choosing not to attend.

You may choose to pay in full with cash, check, or credit card at the end of the workshop, or you may pay over an extended period of time by giving a series of post-dated checks or a credit card subscription payment. You are asked to complete whatever financial transaction you wish to make on the last day of the workshop. There’s no need to decide the amount of your donation until Sunday. We would like you, however, to come prepared on the last day to give in whatever way works best for you by bringing cash, checks or credit card.


A $150 deposit is required to register for POWER. This deposit represents your commitment to attend and complete the Intensive. At the end of the Intensive you may ask for any or all of your deposit back. Your deposit is nonrefundable in the event that you decide not to attend or complete this session of POWER. It is also not transferable to another person or another session of POWER.

The Veil is Thinning!

Messages from our Spiritual Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

3-session online class with Rev. Deb Teramani

Oct. 13, 20 & 27

Spiritual seers of all kinds agree that we are in new and wonderful times because, in spite of all that’s breaking down, humanity is making an evolutionary leap. As part of this shift, Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium Rev. Deb Teramani, has noticed that the veil between this world and the next is thinning, making helpful influences on the other side more available than ever before. Our loved ones who have passed on, our spiritual guides who assist in our growth, and the sheer, magical bounty that is Divine Source are all with us in ways never possible before.

The “veil” is the ethereal curtain that gives rise to our everyday perception of separateness, limitation and the finality of death. A truer picture coming from mystics, quantum theory, and new research into the mysteries of consciousness shows that everything is connected, that consciousness exists beyond the physical body, and that the potential of the universe is limitless and just waiting for us to tap it.

Rev. Deb, who has been able to see angels and other nonphysical beings since childhood, will offer a three-session, online workshop where she will both deliver messages from your spiritual helpers and loved ones as well as teach you how to make contact yourself. Learn how and why the nature of reality is shifting, and what this means to those of us willing to awaken to the new, unlimited possibilities.

  • Hear what your crossed-over loved ones have to say to you.
  • Develop a deeper, more conscious relationship with your spiritual helpers to manifest the life you desire.
  • Learn more about how a great evolutionary shift is affecting our personal lives and how to best navigate these fast-changing times.
  • See through the illusions of space-time reality to experience connection beyond death, empowerment beyond perceived limitations, and peace in the midst of change.

3 Thursdays in October: Oct. 13, 20 & 27, 7 PM Central Time. Classes will last between 60 minutes and two hours depending on class size.

Cost: $95.
$50 for current students and graduates of the Miracles Course.

Rev. Deb Teramani is a gifted healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher who has always been in touch with angels and unseen realms. She is a licensed minister of Religious Science and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. She is also part of the faculty of Lynn Woodland’s online Miracles Course. In her work with people she combines clairvoyant insight with the amplifying effect of her trained consciousness to facilitate breakthroughs and fast track forward progress.

Advanced Manifesting Techniques | A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

Advanced Manifesting Techniques

A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

August 19-21



An immersion experience in living a miraculous life.


This workshop starts with the premise that a whole new paradigm of metaphysics lies beyond popular law-of-attraction and New Thought spiritual teachings, offering a very different approach to working with power of intention. This event is both a visionary glimpse into where humanity is heading and a practical, results-oriented laboratory for achieving goals and living a miraculous life.


If you’ve practiced visualizations, vision boards, prosperity and manifesting techniques and found them to work only partially; if keeping your attention on the positive and choosing love over fear feels like a constant challenge, this workshop will explain how many popular spiritual tools and practices have separateness and struggle built into them and how there is an easier, and more effective way.


Most of all, this weekend is an immersion experience that combines the crucible ingredients of concentrated attention and intention, expert guidance, and the tremendous amplifying effect of group spiritual work, all aimed at living your miraculous life.


And, of course, we’ll have a lot of fun! Don’t you deserve a miraculous life?


Registration: Register below or in person with Lynn. This is event is space-limited.



Friday: 7-9:30 PM

Saturday: 11 AM-5:30 PM

Sunday: 1-5:30 PM


Cost: Payment by self-determined fee. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. This deposit is nonrefundable if you do not attend or complete the workshop. At the end you will be directed to consult your inner guidance as to what is the right amount of payment for you. At that time you may add to or request back any or all of your deposit. You may pay all at once with cash, check, or credit card, or over time by giving a series of post-dated checks or via Pay Pal.


Location: The weekend will be held in Lynn Woodland’s home in South Minneapolis near MIA. Address will be provided upon request/registration.


What to Bring: A notebook and pen. A bag lunch for Saturday and any snacks you’d like for yourself on the other days.


Lynn Woodland is an international teacher and author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World. She is the creator of the online Miracles Course and more.


Over 40 years of teaching and refining the spiritual principles of miracle-making, Lynn Woodland has developed a body of work that takes metaphysical practices to a new level. As New Connexion Journal for Conscious Living wrote:


“Just when you think you know a lot

about the law of attraction and quantum

physics, you read a book like Making Miracles [by Lynn Woodland] that really pushes your reality and current belief systems to new frontiers.”


The Miracles Course Winter Quarter | Attend the first class of Winter free!

The Miracles Course is now accepting students

 for the Winter Quarter starting

December 1.

Registration for winter closes December 8. 

Early registration is recommended.


First Class of the Winter Quarter is Free

Audit this live, online class with

Lynn Woodland 

on the topic of

Darkness into Light ~ Creating Miracles

Wednesday, December 2, 7 PM Central Time.

Attend on your computer or by phone.


The Spiritual Journey of Winter
  • Do you have difficulty with the darkness of winter months?
  • Would you like to attract loving relationships, helpful people, and quality interactions?
  • Are you ready to release the past and move beyond repeating patterns of limitation?
  • Is it time to expand your vision of what your life can be?
  • Would you like to release jaded cynicism to experience the joy and wonder of the miraculous?
  • Would you like to experience a deeper connection with your inner guidance and with God?
  • Are you ready to move beyond transient successes to achieve true personal mastery?
If so, the spiritual journey of the winter season Miracles Course 
may be particularly relevant to you.
The Spiritual Journey of Winter Begins-December
December is a month packed with a complicated interweaving of sacred holidays, family traditions, crass commercialism, and overindulgent partying. At the core of it all is the deep, magical rebirth of light that many world religions celebrate in slightly different ways. In the United States, the outer expression of this natural and spiritual event can give rise to an exhausting overload of lights, shopping, and social gatherings. Often referred to as the “Season of Giving,” it’s the time of year retailers live for, and the end result of all this retail activity is a deluge of exchanged gifts, some heart-felt and some perfunctory.
In June, when light reaches its peak, we explore the profound connection between light and love. Those who’ve had near-death experiences describe the light beyond death as being virtually indistinguishable from unconditional love. So, at this point where light is birthed out of darkness, perhaps the magical point to it all-what we’re grasping for through the mountain of packaged things-is the rekindling of sacred love. It’s easy to lose this point in the overlay of cultural expectation where gifts can become more a fulfillment of social obligation than a sacred offering.
So this week’s lesson involves finding the magical essence in a physical object and making it sacred through the creation of a spiritual talisman that will start as a tool and one day become a gift. The exercise will draw upon intuition, imagination, and clear intent to find an object, discover its meaning, and give it power. As a tool, it will become part of our ritual on the solstice in a few weeks. When its work with us is done, we’ll pass it on as a precious gift….
The preceding is an excerpt from the Winter Session of the Miracles Course. If you’re ready for a deep dive into miracle making, the Miracles Course is now accepting students for the Winter Quarter starting December 1. Registration for winter ends December 8.
Are you looking for spiritual community, support, 
and a weekly spiritual experience? 
Consider the Miracles Course
In the words of our students, here’s why:
I’ve taken the year-long Miracles Course and am now auditing it because I can’t imagine not having this connection – and there’s so much richness here to still tap into! My biggest (wonderful) surprise during the course was that there was no “you MUST do this” but rather a gentle unfolding of learning, encouragement, discovery, connections and yes, miracles.
The Miracles Course has been a source of spiritual community and has replaced the need or desire for more organized religious structures. Lynn Woodland leads students into a deeper meditative experience with grace and authenticity. Her soft spoken demeanor is underscored by her depth of grounded practice and knowledge. I have enjoyed the gift of the journey and the walk to accountability along with the joy of a life well lived under all circumstances. It continues to be a place of connection and awakening.
Lynn and Deb are truly two of the most loving, kind, wise women I have had the pleasure of working with. They are humble and enormously caring and I have gained so much from Lynn’s leading edge Miracles Course and from Lynn and Deb’s personal guidance. I have had some enormously challenging personal issues over the past two years and this course was like a life line.
Even if nothing miraculous occurs, which is doubtful, engaging in this gentle work will free-up your bound energy and help you become a happier you.
Over the years, I’ve taken more courses and seminars than I can count, but Lynn’s courses have had the deepest impact of all. Actually, in light of her understanding of the time continuum, I feel like this course has impacted all of my life, backwards and forwards!
The support from the faculty is incredible and such a blessing, and I also have a wonderful spiritual network that spans the globe!
One of the strongest points of the program, along with the teaching, is the mentoring.
[Rev.] Sandy Boyer made a huge difference, supporting, guiding, and encouraging me all along the way. Because the course is challenging, this gentle spiritual coaching is vitally important and I’m glad Lynn built this aspect into the program.
Rev. Deb has given me such valuable spiritual guidance and inspiration. I can really feel when she is holding me in prayer! I am truly grateful for her support. Deb says prayer always works-and I’m starting to believe her!

Kick Start your life and goals with A private workshop with Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

A special program of exercises, energy work and consultation

designed just for you by two master teachers

who work two-on-one with you

to address your specific interests, goals, and challenges.

Manifest, Clarify, Heal, Receive

Offered Online—attend via computer or on your phone.


Workshops are recorded and last about 90 minutes.

Each one includes:


  • A guided visualization that you can continue to work with after your session
  • An affirmative prayer created especially for you
  • Energy work to facilitate healing, overcome blocks, and manifest goals. This work begins in your session and is continued by Deb and Lynn after the face-time experience ends.
  • Intuitive readings from Lynn and Deb
  • Suggested exercises and action steps to follow up the workshop
  • Email follow-up with Lynn and Deb as needed


Draw upon the consciousness, not just the learning, of

two highly experienced spiritual teachers to propel your transformation.


Lynn and Deb are both known professionally for their powerful work with healing and spiritual manifestation. Together they bring more than eight decades of metaphysical expertise to work on your behalf. They don’t simply offer information, they actually add their trained consciousness to yours to help you create the results you haven’t been able to call forth on your own. This takes place in the face-time session but it also continues in Lynn and Deb’s personal spiritual work.



Reasons to schedule a private workshop:


  1. To manifest a cherished goal.


  1. To attract people and harmonizing relationships: attract the people who will open doors of opportunity and support your highest good; attract a specific kind of relationship such as a mate, mentor, new friend, future child, etc.; bring healing to problem relationships, and raise the quality of all your relationships and interactions.


  1. To support your process of physical healing and understand the spiritual lessons of a dis-ease.


  1. To help you move through a challenge time.


  1. For clarity to facilitate growth and success.


  1. To gain insight into your soul purpose with a significant other person.


  1. To meet and work with the nonphysical spiritual guides who want to assist your growth at this time.


  1. To awaken intuition and developing your psychic skills


  1. And more. Let us know your area of interest and we will create a program for you.

If you have questions about whether this offering is a good fit for you, email Lynn at


The fee for this workshop with Lynn and Deb is $275.

Register and pay below.

To schedule a private workshop with Lynn and Deb please complete the following. We will contact you to set up a time.

About Rev. Deb Teramani

Deb Teramani, a long-time colleague of Lynn Woodland, is a modern mystic. Deb has always seen angels and unseen realms, and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. A highly gifted healer, psychic, and spiritual teacher, she is also a professional prayer practitioner and licensed minister of Religious Science. She is the former co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.


Here’s what people say about working with Rev Deb:

“After years of searching for my perfect mate to no avail, I met my wonderful husband one day after Rev Deb prayed for me!

“…here’s someone who really understands how to contact the Divine and manifest results!  Thank you, Rev. Deb!  My life will never be the same.”


“Rev Deb is AMAZING!  She has been one of my greatest teachers and helped me to develop my own spiritual practice.   Her prayer work is powerful and effective.   I couldn’t say enough great things about her and all that she has done for my life.  

Fall: The Healing Journey | Register to attend the first class of The Miracles Course’s Fall Quarter



In fall, The Miracles Course curriculum begins with an exploration of physical health and spiritual healing, including a powerful ritual for miraculous healing. Also addressed in this season are topics of death and beyond, flowing with change, transcending fear and letting go, all of which lays the foundation for the spiritual transformation of the winter.


In September, the fall equinox marks the point at which darkness exceeds light for another six months and as the light fades, so does the lush growth of summer. In this transitional time, we may want to cling to the last vestiges of summer yet know we can’t keep the dark and cold at bay for long. Change and letting go are forced upon us, ready or not, and many of us catch colds in this season as our bodies struggle to adjust. September, which merely hints at the darkness to come, is the perfect time to prepare for the descent into winter by shoring up our physical well being and cultivating our power to heal.


As fall deepens, nature shows us her “dying” season. In areas where seasons are dramatically distinct, nature goes out with flashing glory before winter gives the landscape a rest. We humans are a bit more apt to go out kicking and screaming. Even if we don’t give much attention to death, even if we think we don’t fear it, death anxiety often lurks beneath the surface wearing any number of disguises that may look like fear of change, fear of endings, and fear of losing control. More people die in the darker months than any other time of year. Even when we resist consciously, we know instinctively that this is the time to let go. What if we also knew there was nothing to fear?


The spiritual work of deep fall draws us into the dark, shadowy underworld of our fears: death, loss of control, and all things denied or repressed. Just as the growing light of spring urges us to reach high for our dreams, fall’s darkening compels us to reach deep within, emerging with wisdom, power, and a life no longer defined by fear. It’s a profoundly healing journey—one that brings us face to face with our shadow and, ultimately, rewards us with many previously hidden treasures of Self.

Enroll in the Miracles Course Here

Who is your Ascended Master Guide?


Whether you plan to register for the Master Guides Workshop or not, we’d like your input!

 In the form below, describe your perception of an Ascended Master Guide. This may be a being with a familiar name or one who seems purely imaginary. Let this be a spiritual being who feels particularly inspiring and uplifting to you. Feel free to submit more than one. Twelve of these contributions will comprise the Counsel of Guides we will work with in the webinar.




Working with the Master Guides…


We all have a variety of spiritual guides who are present with us for a lifetime or for periods of time to help us with specific lessons and life experiences. There are also hosts of beings who will come to our aid when we call upon them for specific purposes. The angelic kingdom is filled with beings of light waiting to assist us in ways small and large—from miraculous healing to finding a parking place.

This workshop focuses on connecting with, not the personal guides who are always with us, but what I think of as “The Great Ones”—ascended masters who serve humanity, our planet, and All That Is at a collective level. These beings include the great Master Guides whose names are familiar to us from world religions like Jesus, Buddha, and the Archangels. They may also include beings whose names we’ve never heard. (If the idea of spiritual guides is outside your belief system, you might wish to think of them as personified versions of Universal forces that support the highest good of all.)

The inspiration for the Master Class came from the Master Guides themselves. After having my own personal experience of obstacles disappearing dramatically within just four days of asking the Master Guides for help, I became profoundly aware of how much we can speed up our growth and manifestation by inviting spiritual assistance. Yet receiving help from the “Masters” isn’t just about our small, personal goals. There’s a bigger order at work by which the fulfillment of our human ambitions makes us more effective vehicles for serving the greater good. In other words, they help us so we can better help them. We can do far more good when we’re not struggling with financial scarcity, ill health, unhappiness and other road blocks.

This is the purpose of working with the Master Guides. It’s not simply a matter of asking for spiritual assistance to enhance our lives, although this will happen. It’s about joining with powerful spiritual beings in a mission greater than ourselves, in recognition that a life dedicated to loving ALL is ultimately the most fulfilling path there is.

Register for the Master Guides