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The Spiritual Journey of Winter

Do you have difficulty with the darkness of winter months?

Would you like to attract loving relationships, helpful people, and quality interactions?

Are you ready to release the past and move beyond repeating patterns of limitation?

Is it time to expand your vision of what your life can be?

Would you like to release jaded cynicism to experience the joy and wonder of the miraculous?

Would you like to experience a deeper connection with your inner guidance and with God?

Are you ready to move beyond transient successes to achieve true personal mastery?

If so, the spiritual journey of the winter season Miracles Course 
may be particularly relevant to you.
The Spiritual Journey of Winter Begins-December
December is a month packed with a complicated interweaving of sacred holidays, family traditions, crass commercialism, and overindulgent partying. At the core of it all is the deep, magical rebirth of light that many world religions celebrate in slightly different ways. In the United States, the outer expression of this natural and spiritual event can give rise to an exhausting overload of lights, shopping, and social gatherings. Often referred to as the “Season of Giving,” it’s the time of year retailers live for, and the end result of all this retail activity is a deluge of exchanged gifts, some heart-felt and some perfunctory.
In June, when light reaches its peak, we explore the profound connection between light and love. Those who’ve had near-death experiences describe the light beyond death as being virtually indistinguishable from unconditional love. So, at this point where light is birthed out of darkness, perhaps the magical point to it all-what we’re grasping for through the mountain of packaged things-is the rekindling of sacred love. It’s easy to lose this point in the overlay of cultural expectation where gifts can become more a fulfillment of social obligation than a sacred offering.
So this week’s lesson involves finding the magical essence in a physical object and making it sacred through the creation of a spiritual talisman that will start as a tool and one day become a gift. The exercise will draw upon intuition, imagination, and clear intent to find an object, discover its meaning, and give it power. As a tool, it will become part of our ritual on the solstice in a few weeks. When its work with us is done, we’ll pass it on as a precious gift….
The preceding is an excerpt from the Winter Session of the Miracles Course. If you’re ready for a deep dive into miracle making, the Miracles Course is now accepting students for the Winter Quarter starting December 1. Registration for winter ends December 8.
Are you looking for spiritual community, support, 
and a weekly spiritual experience? 
Consider the Miracles Course
In the words of our students, here’s why:
I’ve taken the year-long Miracles Course and am now auditing it because I can’t imagine not having this connection – and there’s so much richness here to still tap into! My biggest (wonderful) surprise during the course was that there was no “you MUST do this” but rather a gentle unfolding of learning, encouragement, discovery, connections and yes, miracles.
The Miracles Course has been a source of spiritual community and has replaced the need or desire for more organized religious structures. Lynn Woodland leads students into a deeper meditative experience with grace and authenticity. Her soft spoken demeanor is underscored by her depth of grounded practice and knowledge. I have enjoyed the gift of the journey and the walk to accountability along with the joy of a life well lived under all circumstances. It continues to be a place of connection and awakening.
Lynn and Deb are truly two of the most loving, kind, wise women I have had the pleasure of working with. They are humble and enormously caring and I have gained so much from Lynn’s leading edge Miracles Course and from Lynn and Deb’s personal guidance. I have had some enormously challenging personal issues over the past two years and this course was like a life line.
Even if nothing miraculous occurs, which is doubtful, engaging in this gentle work will free-up your bound energy and help you become a happier you.
Over the years, I’ve taken more courses and seminars than I can count, but Lynn’s courses have had the deepest impact of all. Actually, in light of her understanding of the time continuum, I feel like this course has impacted all of my life, backwards and forwards!
The support from the faculty is incredible and such a blessing, and I also have a wonderful spiritual network that spans the globe!
One of the strongest points of the program, along with the teaching, is the mentoring.
[Rev.] Sandy Boyer made a huge difference, supporting, guiding, and encouraging me all along the way. Because the course is challenging, this gentle spiritual coaching is vitally important and I’m glad Lynn built this aspect into the program.
Rev. Deb has given me such valuable spiritual guidance and inspiration. I can really feel when she is holding me in prayer! I am truly grateful for her support. Deb says prayer always works-and I’m starting to believe her!

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