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July 10 - July 31

Everyone Deserves a Miraculous Life!





July 10-31 is Prosperity Month

4 classes on the spiritual principles of prosperity 

The Miracles Course summer quarter is all about 

manifesting your dreams and experiencing the sweetness of life.  

Everyone deserves a miraculous life.

 Isn’t it your turn?

The Miracles Course 

Weekly Wednesday Classes  Online

offered on a donation basis.

7-8 PM Central Daylight Time

All  are welcome! 

Miracles aren’t hard work.

The Miracles Course works simply by showing up.

Scroll down for access information and details

  • Do you have dreams you’re ready to bring into manifestation?
  • Are you a big giver but don’t seem to receive in equal measure?
  • Are there important things in your life that feel scare?
  • Is it difficult to let other people help you?
  • Are you ready for life to be easier?
  • Do you settle for “just okay” instead of going for what you truly want?
  • Are you ready to experience the sweetness of life?

If any of this rings true for you, then the Summer Session of the Miracles Course may be just what you need. Please join us!




About the Miracles Course


The Miracles Course is a year-long, online program of spiritual and personal transformation aimed at living a miraculous life. It’s open to all who wish to attend with an honor-system request to give a donation. The course is designed to change you, improve your quality of life, and help you manifest your highest purpose.


The Course Includes: 


Weekly, Wednesday Live Classes


With course creator, Lynn Woodland. These classes include information, methodologies,personal coaching and exercises for applying spiritual principles to everyday life. Classes are experiential and interactive with opportunity to ask questions and receive personal input from Lynn.



Weekly Written Lessons



Posted on the Miracles Course open Facebook group along with a recorded version of each lesson and recorded meditations.



Intuitive Consults


Between 6:45 and 7 PM, before class, Lynn Woodland and Miracles Course faculty member and psychic medium, Emily Loeschke will offer brief intuitive readings to as many people as time permits. Log in early and come with a question or just see what message Spirit has for you today.




Begin Anytime:


The curriculum is circular, having no beginning or end, and uses the seasons as a template for the whole of human experience.  

 This gives an easy, unifying effect much greater than the teachings alone.



Regular Attendance Is Recommended:


Each session is a complete experience so you may drop in anytime. However, just as each season is connected to the preceding one, these lessons do build upon one another and, for best results, regular attendance is suggested.



If You Miss a Week:


An edited recording (minus participants’ personal sharing) of each lesson along with weekly written material are posted on the Miracles Course open Facebook group.These will be available for several months.





If you attend a live class or participate via the recording on Facebook, we ask that you make a donation.



How to Participate:


Classes meet Wednesday, 7-8:15 PM Central Time via Go To Meeting.

Use your computer or dial in on your phone. (Log in 15 minutes early if you’d like to receive a brief intuitive reading from Emily and Lynn.)


This access link will remain the same from week to week:


You may join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click on this link and follow prompts:



You can also dial in using your phone.

United States: +1 (669) 224-3412


Access Code: 139-777-765


First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: https://link.gotomeeting.com/system-check



Participation Requests:

  • Please do your best to log in a few minutes early so as not to interrupt by coming in on the middle of class (we all hear you joining the meeting).
  • As soon as you join the meeting, mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon on your Go To Meeting panel, or by pressing *6 if you are attending by phone. Your participation is welcome and when you want to speak, just unmute your microphone icon or again press *6.
  • Be willing to share your name when Lynn asks who is present so that we know who is participating. No anonymous “lurkers” please!


About the Donation Process:


I have offered nearly all of my in-person classes and workshops this way for many years and suggest that my students consult their inner guidance for the appropriate amount to give. In a quiet, meditative state, let an amount come to you that gives value to, not just the content you’ve received, but to the results you want from the Course. Money is strongly linked at a subconscious level with worth, and when we choose to voluntarily give money, our subconscious creative mind sets about getting our money’s worth by producing valuable results. This makes the giving of money part of our spiritual work together rather than separate from it.


Please don’t let money be a reason not to attend the Miracles Course! 


Listening to inner guidance around money can be a challenging process for some but I believe it’s a helpful part of the spiritual work. I completely trust your inner guidance around this and don’t apply any pressure to give more or offer permission to give less, so there is no need to explain your donation to me. This conversation is between you and your inner guidance and when you listen to it, it is always win/win!


Lynn Woodland, creator of the Miracles Course, is the author of Holding a Butterfly-An Experiment in Miracle-Making and The Breakthrough Point-A Spiritual Activist’s Guide to Thriving in a Modern World. She is an international teacher and human potential expert with a decades-long career in transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing, and mind-body psychology. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural. 


For more information see




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Lynn Woodand | Email | Website



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July 10
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