Healing – How to Organize Friends and Family into a Supportive Healing Group

How to Organize Friends and Family into a Supportive Healing Group 

For years I have hosted on my website a healing ministry where people can leave requests for healing. I’m adding a new dimension to this service to help people organize groups of friends and family into to a group of energy healers to support a loved one’s healing. 

If you don’t believe that such a group of untrained helpers can be effective, I encourage you to read the book The Power of Eight, by Lynne McTaggart. McTaggart is well known for a number of best-selling books reporting on the mind-bending findings of new science, especially the science of consciousness.  

She documents from a scientist’s perspective what I have known anecdotally for years—that any magnitude of healing can be facilitated by joined loving intention, and that small groups working together in love can create miracles—with those in the helping roles benefitting as much as the receivers. It’s purely a matter of focus, love, and the amplifying power of joined intention. 

Yes, research is suggesting that minds working in tandem have an exponentially amplifying effect. What research is also suggesting about the extraordinary power of consciousness and the mind-boggling fluidity of time is that consciousness can travel through time so to give this meditation even more of a boost, I am inviting everyone who hears or reads these words to become part of a larger healing group, joining minds and hearts across time and space on behalf of all those in need. You don’t need to believe this or decide if it’s true. Let this be an experiment where you imagine it as vividly as you can and see what happens. 

If you are dealing with an illness yourself, even if you don’t have a healing group of friends and family to work with you, you can do this meditation on your own and envision yourself as the recipient, letting the healing intention of all the thousands who have or will work with this meditation shine healing love to you.  

Here is the meditation I suggest using. Scroll down to see my suggested structure for organizing your group.


Click here for the audio recording of this meditation.

The Healers’ Meditation

 Close your eyes and relax… Quiet your mind with some deep, full breaths… Inhale deeply and exhale just as deeply… Feel your diaphragm expanding and then your chest with every breath in… and then release air just as fully with every exhalation… Let every part of your body relax, head to toe… your forehead relaxes, your jaw, your shoulders… Relaxation making its way down the length of your body so that everything feels heavy… and then light… every breath clearing more and more dis-ease away until all that’s left is peace…

 Let your attention float free and relax into a soft, open mental state…

Let your sense of identification shift from the density and limitation of matter to a bright, clear, beautiful energy that is your true essence. As you make this shift in perception you leave behind the limitations of dense matter and start to see the cells of your physical body lighting up and becoming radiant with this energy… And now, all the particles that make up your body are becoming lighter; the molecules, the atoms, the subatomic particles all spreading out, vibrating in beautiful light.

 Picture the bright energy of all the members of this healing group vibrating together in joined consciousness beyond the illusionary limits of space and time. Each one bringing their highest and best to whole. Open your heart and feel yourself connected in love with this group. Together all of you form a powerful network for healing and miracles. Your joined, loving intentions opens a portal to the Divine where all things are possible. See the light of God’s love now streaming through you. What has seemed difficult or impossible in the past will now come more easily.

Bring to mind the person to receive healing intention and picture that individual in the center of a circle formed by your network of healers. Imagine yourself to be incredibly radiant. Your aura is very bright and shining with energy. Allow a powerful feeling of joy and wellbeing to well up within you, filling you from head to toe. When your own inner state of radiance and wellbeing feels very strong, let yourself merge with the recipient, connecting with their highest Self—the spiritual Self that exists beyond all dis-ease and is always whole and perfect. There’s no need to “fix” or “repair” anything. Simply recognize and celebrate the presence of this already-healed Self. Your love and joy help to call forth the receiver’s intrinsic wholeness.

 Allow a deep experience of wellbeing to wash through you, joining you in love with the receiver. Feel your own radiance increasing as you join together. Become aware that all the healers in our group are with you in this healing, beyond time and space, amplifying exponentially the power of your intention for receiver. Initially, the lights of individual healers may appear as spokes of a wheel shining toward the receiver in the center, but soon the spokes merge into one unified circle of Divine Light where the roles of giver and receiver cease to be relevant. You may feel your own energy intensify in this process.

 Know that this healing is benefiting you as much as the recipient and be grateful. Continue for as long as it feels pleasant to do so and then, gently, bring yourself back with a couple of deep breaths. If you are doing this meditation remotely, let the receiver go from your awareness. If you are in-person, follow the receiver’s lead regarding what is needed. She or he may have fallen asleep so just quietly leave a glass of water nearby and leave. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a bit of time for sharing feelings and experiences. A drink of water is in order for everyone to help ground and flush away toxins that are stirred up in the healing process.

 Suggestions for Creating a Healing Group

First, find a group of willing helpers. These people don’t need to be skilled in any way. The only criteria is an open heart and a willingness to practice the healing meditation at least once a day with an open mind. You don’t need to “believe” in healing; you simply need to be willing to imagine as directed in the meditation. A group of three or more is optimal but even just one person who wants to join with the receiver is fine. 

My suggested structure is to meet in person once a day for the first week. Helpers position yourselves around the receiver. If the receiver is open to being touched, group members may gently lay hands on the person. Touch in and of itself can have a measurable healing effect, along with being very soothing to the receiver. Be sure everyone is comfortable as you do this so that a strained body position doesn’t detract from your focus. If the receiver would rather not be touched, you might simply aim your hands toward the person. Either way, you may notice your hands heating up or feeling other distinct sensations as the healing progresses. Listen to the recorded meditation or have someone read it aloud to guide your attention and intention. If your group is large and it’s difficult to get everyone’s schedule aligned, consider having a morning and evening group during this first week. 

After this first week of everyone gathering in-person with the receiver, continue for another three weeks in whatever combination of the following best works for your group: 

  • Every member continues to meet in-person daily.
  • Members who can meet in-person daily and those who can’t commit to practicing the meditation daily at their own convenient time and location.
  • Every member commits to practicing the meditation daily at a distance, at their own convenient time and in their own space.
  • Every member commits to practice the meditation daily in their own space at the same, agreed-upon time. 

Continue for a month and then decide if your group would like to continue longer and, if so, decide on the next timeframe. I suggest having some definition around this rather than letting the group do a slow fade-away, which could feel abandoning to the receiver. 

As your group works with the receiver, I suggest you send me a healing request so that I can get my healing ministry to support your work. My email is lynn@lynnwoodland.com. 

And please send me your feedback!