Potential Healing Outcomes

Along with the expectation that healing will happen for you, also be open to it taking the form you most need, not necessarily the form you expect. Healing comes in whatever way best serves us and as you prepare yourself for a healing experience, trust that it will happen in the best way for you, not just the best you can currently imagine. Typical healing outcomes include:

  1. Spontaneous physical healing where manifestations of illness disappear instantly. In my own healing services as well as the distance healing work of my prayer ministry, I’ve seen many examples of a physical condition disappearing so completely and immediately that surgery or medication became no longer necessary. These occurrences seem to happen as often over distance as in person. On a night when my weekly group was experimenting specifically with dental healing, a woman with a painful dental condition who was unable to be there, just took a moment out from her other commitment to join her mind with the group work in order to receive healing. Not only did her tooth stop hurting, but she kept her scheduled dental appointment the next day just to be safe and the dentist could find nothing wrong.
  2. Attitudinal shifts such as feeling at peace even though circumstances haven’t changed, or seeing new options where choices had seemed limited. For example, a woman who attended a series of monthly healing services with me, first came wanting to heal the chronic pain she had lived with for years. The next month she appeared quite improved and reported that her pain hadn’t gone away but she did have an experience during the healing service of feeling happy for the first time in years. This happiness stayed with her all month and so changed her state of mind that her pain slipped from the foreground to the background of her awareness. She felt able to get on with her life in a whole new way and several months later, she reported that the pain was much diminished.
  3. A slow steady course of growth and healing where results may not be noticeable for some time (like planting a seed that grows invisibly at first). For example, another woman who had attended many healing services with me reported that a chronic condition of asthma had gone away and she didn’t even know it until she found herself in a situation that would have ordinarily triggered an attack. As she tried to remember the last time she’d had an asthma attack, she realized it had been many months.
  4. Circumstantial shifts that bring new conditions, opportunities or people into our lives. It’s very common for fortunate “coincidences” to occur within days of spiritual healing work. Jobs show up unexpectedly, money shows up, new relationships form, connections are made to the perfect medical help or healing practitioner, etc. These are things we might not see as directly connected to the healing we want yet they support the totality of our well-being in a way that serves us even more than the simple disappearance of a symptom.
  5. Relationship healing where specific relationships or relationship patterns shift to create deeper love, compassion, forgiveness and interpersonal harmony. I’ve often seen this happen with great serendipity, as with a woman whose estranged daughter called her after years of silence, just days after she’d talked about this painful situation in a healing service. Because the connection between love and healing is so strong, as our relationships heal, so do we.

It’s important to understand all the forms healing can take because it’s easy to come away feeling like nothing happened if we don’t get the outcome we had in mind. While we could participate in healing work and receive its benefits passively and unconsciously, it becomes far more powerful when we consciously recognize the positive results. Firstly, as we’re able to recognize the tangible results of our spiritual work, we have more faith in it, which makes it more effective. What’s more, when we recognize the subtle beginnings of healing, we’re more apt to nurture them and allow a small healing effect to grow into a greater one. Imagine if the woman with chronic pain dismissed her experience of happiness as momentary and insignificant and left the healing service disappointed that she still had pain. She might never have nurtured that new state of mind into a more fulfilling life that ultimately resulted in far less pain. Last but not least, any time we give grateful attention to our blessings in any form, we attract more opportunities to feel grateful. Recognizing healing is, in and of itself, a healing act.