Author Press Kit

Author Press Kit

Lynn Woodland

The Breakthrough Point—A Spiritual Activist’s Guide to Thriving in a Modern World

 Included Here:

  1. Author contact information
  2. Book facts
  3. Target audience
  4. Book Benefits
  5. Extended bio and shorter, print-ready bio
  6. Two book descriptions that can be used in print
  7. High and low resolution author photo
  8. High and low resolution cover image
  9. Why this book is relevant
  10. Table of Contents
  11. Excerpt
  12. Story behind the book
  13. Sample interview questions
  14. Testimonials
  15. Audio Video

Author Contact Information

Lynn Woodland
2625 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Book Facts

Author: Lynn Woodland
Print ISBN-13: 978-1-947637-96-2
EBook ISBN-13: 978-1-947637-97-9
Waterside Press
Price: $16.95
Available on Amazon

Previous Work by Lynn Woodland

Holding a Butterfly—An Experiment in Miracle-making, Waterside Press, 2018 (Formerly titled Making Miracles, Namaste Publishing, 2011)


Target Audience

  • Self-help readers
  • Empowerment and law of attraction readers
  • Those who’ve felt outraged, discouraged and frightened by world events
  • Metaphysical, New Age and New Thought audiences
  • Spiritual but not religious audiences
  • Social change activists
  • “Woke” millennial-aged readers 

Book Benefits

  • Personal healing and self-awareness
  • Achieve goals
  • Enhance creativity, intuition, and nonlinear thinking
  • Heighten personal empowerment
  • Learn to live compassionately and heal social divides
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Feel empowered to change a world that often feels out of control
  • Transform surviving into thriving.