Breakthrough Point Back Story

Story Behind the Book


I began this book in 2014 with a premise related to the Harmonic Convergence—one that even I thought to be a bit sketchy at the start—pointing to 2016 as being a tipping point in humanity’s evolution. What led me to go back to the long-ago event of the Harmonic Convergence? I don’t know.

Though I was aware of the Harmonic Convergence when it occurred in 1987, I gave it little attention. I’ve been deeply involved in the study and teaching of metaphysics since my teens, years before the Convergence, and had been exposed to everything wacky the New Age fringe can produce. Consequently, I’ve tended to distance myself a bit from the subjectivity of spiritual events defined purely by refined vibrations that can only be perceived and interpreted by an elite few. The Harmonic Convergence seemed just such an event and I let it pass by without too much notice.

Until 2014, that is, as I prepared material for a new workshop. There are times when I feel that something has just come to me or through me from some higher place. I feel certain that we all have this experience. My impulse to look at our times through the frame of the obscure, long-ago event of the Harmonic Convergence and the related astrological markers was just such an experience. It didn’t seem to come from me. I say this because, as I said, the Convergence didn’t make a huge impression on me when it happened, and I hadn’t thought of it in years. But even more significantly—and this is a bit disconcerting to me—I have absolutely no recollection of the thought process that led me to think about the Harmonic Convergence and relate it to my work. I have asked myself time and again what inspired me to go back to that event, let alone track the Saturn cycles related to it, and I draw a complete blank. I have no memory whatsoever of this thought first occurring to me.

In that my sensibilities judged it to be far too subjective for public presentation, I didn’t at first expect it to be incorporated into a workshop, let alone become part of a book. But once I started on the crazy rabbit chase of the Harmonic Convergence, the planet Saturn, and the unprecedented events of our times, I got chills and gooseflesh of the highest degree and couldn’t turn back or keep it to myself.

For my premise to hold water, I expected 2016 to be a year full of extremes, having a huge impact on the next thirty years and even on our very survival. But in spite of my suspicions, as I watched unprecedented events unfold, it was beyond anything I had imagined.


In the midst of so much turmoil, do I still think humanity is evolving? In my mind, there’s not a doubt that we are. Does evolution guarantee, however, that humanity will survive to see another millennium or even another century turn? I would say this is far less certain.

Did an evolutionary impulse from outside of us really implant itself into the core of humanity in 1987? Or, perhaps, were the intentions of so many people on that weekend event—an event unprecedented in its magnitude and in its emphasis on community—powerful enough to harness the power of consciousness in an unprecedented way and set in motion a new call to Unity? Was it perhaps the beginning of a global group agreement to evolve? Science writer Lynne McTaggart who has done a superb job of documenting cutting edge research into consciousness might well say it’s thoroughly possible that it was a massive power-of-intention experiment. Again, I don’t know.

What I do know is that we’ve never seen times quite like these and, as frightening as some developments appear to be, there are just as many wonderfully hopeful ones; that is, at least, if we are willing to become actively engaged in our world.

But, having traveled in circles that identify as “New Age,” “Metaphysical,” “New Thought,” or “Spiritual but not Religious” for most of my life, I’ve noticed how often people in my spiritual circles, when asked their thoughts on world events, respond that they don’t pay attention. We’re not always the most “woke” folks. I understand this. For those of us intent on meditating into a peaceful state, the messiness of the world is a rough and crude vibration. For those of us who have turned to spirituality as a balm for our heightened sensitivities to the world around us, politics and world affairs can be the worst of allergens. And some of us have simply given up because we don’t see anything changing from the top down, and so have immersed ourselves in the world of higher consciousness.

In writing this book, I hope to convince those who’ve tuned out that while, at one time, it may have been necessary to withdraw, these times are different and the new energy coming in demands our involvement. It’s time to tune back in because change can come more easily now than ever to those who are attentive enough to reach for it.

For those who are already awake and engaged, I offer strategies for harnessing the power of our minds, hearts and actions to improve our world and our own lives. We are in a new era and, going forward, what happens next is no longer up to “them.” It’s up to us; to you. And as never before, the power is in your hands. What will you do with it?