Breakthrough Point – Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions


  • Briefly, what is The Breakthrough Point about? 
  • You talk about 2016 as being a pivotal year, not just because of its unprecedented politics, but as a tipping point in humanity’s evolution. Why? 
  • How is it possible that humanity is evolving when the world seems to be in more turmoil than ever? 
  • You relate an evolutionary trend to a “new operating model” for our times. What is that?
  • You tie this new operating model into a way to update spiritual and power of consciousness practices. Can you speak to that? 
  • What is the miracle experiment that you put forth in your book? 
  • Your exercises frequently reassure readers that it’s not necessary to believe in them, “just imagine…” This challenges basic New Thought teachings on the law of attraction that stress the importance of believing. Can you speak to that? 
  • Is this a book about politics, spirituality or personal growth? 
  • What is a spiritual activist? 
  • Why so much political and social commentary in a book of spiritual exercises? 
  • What do you mean by “new prosperity”?