Breakthrough Point – Table of Contents

  • Learn to live compassionately and heal social divides
  • Reduce fear and anxiety
  • Feel empowered to change a world that often feels out of control
  • Transform surviving into thriving.


Table of Contents 


Section I: Changing Times

Chapter 1: Let the Journey Begin

Chapter 2: The Seeds of Change—The Power of Us All Together

Chapter 3: The Point of Breakdown or Breakthrough

Chapter 4: Breaking Through to Leadership

Chapter 5: Time to Upgrade our Spiritual Practices

Chapter 6: “Thrival” as the Path to Survival


Section II: Changing Practices

Chapter 7: What did we just do? The Elements of a New Spiritual Practice

Chapter 8: Compassionate Empathy

Chapter: 9: Healing the Duality of Giving and Receiving

Chapter 10: We Don’t Have to “Believe”

Chapter 11: Collective Intelligence

Chapter 12: Beyond Time and Space

Chapter 13: New Prosperity


Section III: Evolution Revolution—the Path of Spiritual Activism

Chapter 14: Bringing the Towers Down

Chapter 15: Healing the Collective Shadow of our Times

Chapter 16: Rising Above Fear

Chapter 17: All Together Now—Breaking Through

Chapter 18: What’s Next: A New Kind of Love



Appendix I

Appendix II