Breakthrough Point – Excerpt from the Book


A number of experts, in a variety of fields and for different reasons, predicted that 2016 would be a game-changing year. I suggest here that 2016 marked a tipping point in an evolutionary call to Unity that has been building for years. As a way of articulating this evolutionary pull, I have tied it to a spiritual event, the Harmonic Convergence, which took place in 1987. I’ve used the filter of astrological wisdom to interpret some of the marker events of evolutionary change since 1987. A better astrologer than I might have a far more in-depth and informative analysis on this. I have simply used a single astrological indicator because it so compellingly connects dots, tying together global benchmark events that might otherwise appear random and unrelated to an evolutionary trend toward peaceful cooperation.

But this isn’t a book about the Harmonic Convergence or astrology, or changes happening in obscure spiritual realms that only the most sensitive can perceive. Rather, it’s an in-depth look at a new operating model for humanity that is integrally tied to a new evolutionary order. This new way of doing things utilizes the unlimited power we have when we all join together to share rather than take, and it’s no futuristic, utopian fantasy; it’s a strong global trend that has made its way into major areas of science, business, technology and culture.

Still, amidst exciting indications of a world coming together, it’s hard not to feel buffeted by a world that’s coming apart: unprecedented political turmoil, escalating terrorism, environmental crises, endless wars, deepening racial and ideological divides, and financial uncertainties, to name just a few modern-day stressors. This book offers a path for aligning with the new operating model of our times and catching the wave of wonderful possibilities that come with evolution, instead of being drawn into the fear and breakdown of an old way of being. I’m not offering here my own trademarked plan for positive living, as you will find in many other books. This new model is nothing mysterious; it’s a trend that is all around, growing as quietly and inevitably as shoots of grass around the rubble of a fallen building. As soon as I lay it out, you will probably realize that you’ve been aware of it all along.

Simple though it may seem, if we don’t learn to bring our lives into alignment with this new way of doing things, we will increasingly experience the stress and breakdown of living in a troubled world. Making the shift, both in practice and consciousness, enables undreamed breakthroughs in our personal lives and in the world.

The spiritual exercises here evolve power-of-consciousness practices in accordance with the new operating model, offering a radical departure from more familiar approaches, and continuing the adventure in consciousness begun in my previous book, Holding a Butterfly, (formerly titled Making Miracles). Many of these are essentially guided meditations and begin with a suggestion to enter a quiet, reflective state of mind. If you are not familiar with meditation, this can be done quite simply by assuming a comfortable position (but not so comfortable that you will easily fall asleep), and then watching the inhalation and exhalation of your breath, inhaling deeply from your abdomen and exhaling just as deeply, letting your breath find a smooth, slow, comfortable rhythm. As you do this, notice your body and allow any points of tension to relax. Several moments of this are often enough to slow your heart rate and quiet your mind in order to make the most of these exercises. They are best done when you have some quiet time to yourself. Some are a bit long and, for best results, you can either read them slowly in a quiet, reflective state, make a recording to listen to with your eyes closed, or listen to the recordings of these exercises that are available for free on my website,, or you can purchase a CD or download. Perhaps the best way of all to experience this book is with a study group, where you can discuss the chapters and do the exercises together, with one person reading the meditations aloud.

For those of you who have read Holding a Butterfly, I thank you for coming back! You will once again find in this book an opportunity to join in a global community experiment to share the world-changing consciousness of love, and to experience heightened peace of mind, quality of life, and joy. You will also find a deeper exploration of the times we’re in, why they are both dire and wonderful, and why we can no longer hold on to the way things were. There is a single path beyond the breakdown of our times and it is one that we must walk together—and only together. This is how we not only survive but breakthrough to new realms of thriving. Together, anything becomes possible and, even in the midst of the crises of our world, this is a wonderful thing!

And before I release you to the book proper, let me just answer a question before it has a chance to arise in your mind: why so much social commentary in a book of spiritual practices? Having traveled in circles that identify as “New Age,” “Metaphysical,” “New Thought,” or “Spiritual but not Religious” for most of my life, I’ve noticed how often people in my spiritual circles, when asked their thoughts on world events, respond that they don’t pay attention. I understand this. For those of us intent on meditating into a peaceful state, the messiness of the world is a rough and crude vibration. For those of us who have turned to spirituality as a balm for our heightened sensitivities to the world around us, politics and world affairs can be the worst of allergens. And some of us have simply given up because we don’t see anything changing from the top down, and so have immersed ourselves in the world of higher consciousness. As I say, I understand. But I hope to convince you that while, at one time, it may have been necessary to tune out, these times are like no other and the new energy coming in demands our involvement. It’s time to tune back in because change can come more easily now than ever to those who are attentive enough to reach for it.

And now, let’s reach!

Chapter One: Let the Journey Begin

Quiet your mind for a moment and let your attention float free. Take a deep breath or two to help you transition to a soft, open mental state…

Now imagine that you are at a turning point in your life, though you may not realize it yet. (You don’t need to believe this, just imagine.) Recall other turning points where everything changed in the direction of your highest good. Perhaps you met your significant other or had an opportunity come to you that changed everything. Maybe you decided to move or take a new job and the change had a huge, positive impact on your life. Maybe it was when you left home for the first time to go to college or be out on your own.

If you don’t think you’ve had this kind of positive, major life change, know that you probably have. But if you can’t think of one, imagine what it might be like to have everything transform so thoroughly that you know you can’t ever go back to the way things were because you’ve moved from one phase of life to another very different and better one.

If you can recall such a time in your past, remember how you felt right before this life-changing event occurred. Maybe you had a sense of something on the way. Maybe not—maybe you were in despair and felt that life would never change, right before it did. Recall that experience of life becoming so different that it marked a huge turning point in your personal history. It was the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

Look at your life now and imagine that everything to date has been moving you toward another major life change in the direction of your highest good. You don’t necessarily see the details of what that change is, but imagine that you’ve received enough of a glimpse into your future to know that one is coming.

Spend today living with this knowing. Look around at the life you have with the perspective that there are things you’ll soon be saying goodbye to, and things that will soon feel like part of a whole different lifetime. You may feel some sadness as you recognize that it’s the end of the world as you know it, yet you sense the change will lead you somewhere your heart has always longed to be. Move around in your life with a growing sense of anticipation, knowing that something wonderful is about to happen!

And as you read these words and have your own small journey in consciousness, be aware of the many others who have or will encounter these words: the many minds stopping here for a moment, suspending disbelief, dreaming and wondering; hearts growing expectant… Imagine that you can sense the accumulation of anticipation that has collected around these words, just as you might get a “feeling” when you pause at a spot where many have stopped to reflect and wonder.

If you choose to keep reading, know that there are adventures ahead that may have already changed you. You don’t need to believe this, just imagine how it would feel if you did… And you will find us along the way—the many of us who, like you, have paused here for a moment and agreed to take this journey together. Beyond time and space, we have already loved you and rooted for your success. Welcome, dear friend! We have been waiting for you!