Reviews and Testimonials


Reviews and Testimonials for Lynn Woodland’s previous book Holding a Butterfly—An Experiment in Miracle-Making

Just when you think you know a lot about the law of attraction and quantum physics, you read a book like Holding a Butterfly that really pushes your reality and current belief systems to new frontiers.

—Annette Epifano, New Connexion Journal for Conscious Living


This may well be the 21st century edition of A Course in Miracles.

—Jim Jensen, author of Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind


In considering the depth of some of her exercises, Woodland’s genius shines in both their originality and the sense of comfort and possibility they impart, as well as the broad-minded, dumbfoundingly comprehensive approach to putting all this material together and making it fit.

Creations Magazine


[Holding A Butterfly] has very important information to share. (Thanks for writing it…) I read a chapter a night before going to sleep and now will reread it again (which is a very, very rare occurrence for me). I found it very empowering (and I’ve read a lot of “personal growth” and metaphysical books in the past 25 years). Yours stands out from the pack.

—Marie T. Russell, Editor/Publisher,


A Sample of Amazon Reviews

I have read this book over and over. Because every time I read it miracles continually happen. Over the past 20 years I must have read hundreds of new age books. Forget them all. This is an easy read and the best.


It is very readable, probably some of the best writing in this genre I have ever experienced. 


If you are willing to participate fully, this book will change you. Highly recommended.


…one of the most important reading[s] of the new era. IT WORKS! Miracles are natural.


I feel this is one of the best books ever written on miracle-making, manifesting, and connecting with the divine. Truly ground-breaking work, and recommend it to all!!


I was a bit skeptical about the magnitude of miracles possible. Before I even finished reading the whole book I experienced unimaginable results.