Why this Book is Relevant

Why this Book is Relevant

In an era of deepening racial and ideological divides, worsening environmental crises, and unprecedented political instability, feelings of outrage, anxiety and powerlessness abound. There are many books and media outlets telling us how bad things are, and that we MUST DO SOMETHING! Today’s world can easily exhaust the most dedicated activists.

The Breakthrough Point is a true antidote to the stresses of modern life. This book of spiritual exercises and social commentary meets today’s challenges head-on with a pragmatic, yet visionary look at our troubled times. The exercises cultivate in readers the skills needed to stay above the morass of all that’s falling apart to become part of a new world coming together.

But this genre-bending book isn’t simply about social change. The Breakthrough Point is just as much about personally thriving and having what we want in life. Woodland is known for weaving together complex topics and making them simple. As Creations Magazine said of her first book, Holding a Butterfly, “In considering the depth of some of her exercises, Woodland’s genius shines in both their originality and the sense of comfort and possibility they impart, as well as the broad-minded, dumbfoundingly comprehensive approach to putting all this material together and making it fit.”

Similarly, The Breakthrough Point, pulls together a complicated range of subject matter that, in the end, all fits together into a hopeful picture. The exercises give readers an immediate, comfort-giving experience of the book’s core premise: that the once-firm boundary between taking care of oneself and serving others has blurred. Ultimately, this becomes the call to activism that is just too joyful to ignore.