Seasons of the Self | June

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This month of June is all about the light. The lightest weeks of the year [for those in the Northern Hemisphere] fall in this month, leading up to and following the summer solstice, in the third week of June. It’s hard not to feel the energy of it. Just as the dark of winter leaves some depressed and listless, this time of year is more likely to result in restless energy and sleeplessness as sunlight streams into our bedrooms earlier and earlier each morning.

In homage to this month of light, this article, too, is all about the light. Light: so pure and primal it’s perhaps one of our most-used metaphors. It stands for clarity, goodness, spirituality, and salvation from all things dark and frightening. Light is life-giving and divine. From the world of science, we know that light, energy and matter are all variations of the same. As quantum science demonstrates that most of reality goes on at a level imperceptible to our human senses, it’s also showing the very underpinnings of the universe to consist of a field of light.

In the seventies, the highly distinguished physicist, Hal Puthoff, pioneered study into the mysteries of this energy field, called the Zero Point Field, and has since been followed by many others. The Zero Point Field essentially is the energy left in a space when all possible matter and energy are removed. This remaining field comprises, literally, a super-charged, sea-of-light backdrop to everything and physicists have theorized that if we learn how to tap it, it could become a limitless energy supply, meeting all our current needs, even enabling Star Trek-like space travel. As well-known physicist, Richard Feynman put it, “the energy in a single cubic meter of space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world.”

As physicists are working to explain and tap this incredible ocean of light, another very different glimpse into the light comes from the growing body of research on those who’ve had near-death experiences. Consistently, people who have clinically died and been revived tell a similar story of coming into contact with a mystical light. These experiences are profoundly transforming, leaving the survivors forever changed, with a measurably higher zest for life than the general population, healthier, and more apt to have psychic abilities.

Could it be that the cessation of life as we know it in a physical body allowed these individuals to have a perceptual awareness of the Zero Point Field and tap into its unlimited power? And is there something we can learn from their experience to help us tap this energy without physical trauma? Perhaps a key lies in another consistency to their stories: invariably they describe “the Light” as being synonymous with unconditional love. The mystical light that people experience is far from cold or neutral. Rather, it’s powerfully benevolent. Much like what religions of the world have called “God.”

Science writer and author of The Field Lynne McTaggarthinted at this benevolent nature of the universe in the summation of her excellent compilation of cutting edge science. She suggests that new scientific thinking promises to give us back our optimism as we realize that we aren’t simply alone in an indifferent universe. “Far from destroying God,” she says, “science for the first time was proving His existence…”

Scientists are working on machines to extract energy from the Zero Point Field, but with this blurring of lines between science and mysticism, might there be a more common-place path into the Field—one more accessible to all of us—through mystical experience and unconditional love?

In a paradoxical illustration of spiritual law, I often cite Mother Theresa as a role model when I teach classes on prosperity. Paradoxical because Mother Theresa lived such a simple life among the poor and we tend to remember her for her unconditional giving, not her materialistic “getting.” However, Mother Theresa was amazingly good at manifesting material resources. Accounts of her life are filled with stories of last-minute saves where the support she needed to continue her humble work show up, often in serendipitous and miraculous ways. Her counsel to the rich was, “give until it hurts” and, for her, they did.

Yet, her priorities and attention remained on caring for the poorest of the poor rather than on how to get what she needed. Just as she manifested easily without it becoming her focus, I believe she gave easily without having to work at it either. As she once put it herself, “When you know how much God is in love with you, then you can only live your life radiating that love.” She lived in an awareness of God’s love that so filled her to overflowing, all she could do was share it. Consequently, she wasn’t focused on giving or getting. She was simply living in the fullness of God, which heightened her abilities to both give and attract.

If, as near-death accounts suggest, unconditional love is synonymous with the sea-of-light underpinnings of the universe, and if what religion calls God has some corollary in the Zero Point Field, could it be that Mother Theresa discovered what physicists haven’t: how to tap the limitless power of the Field? And might her simple statement be the way? “When you know how much God is in love with you” (when you’re cognizant of the benevolent sea of unconditional love/light and your Oneness with it), “then you can only live your life radiating that love” (then, in other words, you quite naturally tap the unlimited potential of this sea-of-light Field).

By Mother Theresa’s wisdom, access to the Light begins with “knowing” it—and what better time of year to know the light than now, in this light-filled month of June? Consider giving yourself a special moment—the closer to the solstice the better—out-of-doors, not just to work, play, or sunbathe in the light, but to recognize your Oneness with it. Let the sun’s light be a physical representation of the sea-of-light Field holding us all in its embrace of unconditional love. Name it according to your beliefs: God, the Light, the Field, and let its regenerative powers wash over you, healing your body, calming your mind, heightening your zest for life and restoring your faith in a benevolent Universe.