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The Veil is Thinning!

Messages from our Spiritual Guides and Deceased Loved Ones

3-session online class with Rev. Deb Teramani

Oct. 13, 20 & 27

Spiritual seers of all kinds agree that we are in new and wonderful times because, in spite of all that’s breaking down, humanity is making an evolutionary leap. As part of this shift, Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium Rev. Deb Teramani, has noticed that the veil between this world and the next is thinning, making helpful influences on the other side more available than ever before. Our loved ones who have passed on, our spiritual guides who assist in our growth, and the sheer, magical bounty that is Divine Source are all with us in ways never possible before.

The “veil” is the ethereal curtain that gives rise to our everyday perception of separateness, limitation and the finality of death. A truer picture coming from mystics, quantum theory, and new research into the mysteries of consciousness shows that everything is connected, that consciousness exists beyond the physical body, and that the potential of the universe is limitless and just waiting for us to tap it.

Rev. Deb, who has been able to see angels and other nonphysical beings since childhood, will offer a three-session, online workshop where she will both deliver messages from your spiritual helpers and loved ones as well as teach you how to make contact yourself. Learn how and why the nature of reality is shifting, and what this means to those of us willing to awaken to the new, unlimited possibilities.

  • Hear what your crossed-over loved ones have to say to you.
  • Develop a deeper, more conscious relationship with your spiritual helpers to manifest the life you desire.
  • Learn more about how a great evolutionary shift is affecting our personal lives and how to best navigate these fast-changing times.
  • See through the illusions of space-time reality to experience connection beyond death, empowerment beyond perceived limitations, and peace in the midst of change.

3 Thursdays in October: Oct. 13, 20 & 27, 7 PM Central Time. Classes will last between 60 minutes and two hours depending on class size.

Cost: $95.
$50 for current students and graduates of the Miracles Course.

Rev. Deb Teramani is a gifted healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher who has always been in touch with angels and unseen realms. She is a licensed minister of Religious Science and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. She is also part of the faculty of Lynn Woodland’s online Miracles Course. In her work with people she combines clairvoyant insight with the amplifying effect of her trained consciousness to facilitate breakthroughs and fast track forward progress.

Tuesday, Dec. 15: Gifts of Magic ~ Magic, Miracles & Presents!

This class begins with every participant receiving a “gift of magic” and culminates with everyone learning and practicing the spiritual art of miracle-making. In this darkest time of year that gives rise to the numerous holidays of light, it’s easy to feel weighed down by depression or carried away in the bustle of holiday activity. This event is both grounding and uplifting, combining the fun of opening presents with the practical spirituality that brings dreams to life.

and I will send you more specific location details.

To register contact Lynn Woodland
(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

See the listing for this event on Meetup.com

Fall: The Healing Journey | Register to attend the first class of The Miracles Course’s Fall Quarter



In fall, The Miracles Course curriculum begins with an exploration of physical health and spiritual healing, including a powerful ritual for miraculous healing. Also addressed in this season are topics of death and beyond, flowing with change, transcending fear and letting go, all of which lays the foundation for the spiritual transformation of the winter.


In September, the fall equinox marks the point at which darkness exceeds light for another six months and as the light fades, so does the lush growth of summer. In this transitional time, we may want to cling to the last vestiges of summer yet know we can’t keep the dark and cold at bay for long. Change and letting go are forced upon us, ready or not, and many of us catch colds in this season as our bodies struggle to adjust. September, which merely hints at the darkness to come, is the perfect time to prepare for the descent into winter by shoring up our physical well being and cultivating our power to heal.


As fall deepens, nature shows us her “dying” season. In areas where seasons are dramatically distinct, nature goes out with flashing glory before winter gives the landscape a rest. We humans are a bit more apt to go out kicking and screaming. Even if we don’t give much attention to death, even if we think we don’t fear it, death anxiety often lurks beneath the surface wearing any number of disguises that may look like fear of change, fear of endings, and fear of losing control. More people die in the darker months than any other time of year. Even when we resist consciously, we know instinctively that this is the time to let go. What if we also knew there was nothing to fear?


The spiritual work of deep fall draws us into the dark, shadowy underworld of our fears: death, loss of control, and all things denied or repressed. Just as the growing light of spring urges us to reach high for our dreams, fall’s darkening compels us to reach deep within, emerging with wisdom, power, and a life no longer defined by fear. It’s a profoundly healing journey—one that brings us face to face with our shadow and, ultimately, rewards us with many previously hidden treasures of Self.

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