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November 14-15: Weekend Healing Retreat Online

November 14-15: Weekend Healing Retreat Online

Heal your Body, Heal your Life with Lynn Woodland & Deb Teramani

Saturday, 9 am-5 pm Central Time & Sunday, 9 am-Noon, Central Time

Online (Attend on your computer or phone)

Limited to 12 Participants


Work closely with two highly experienced healing experts for an immersion experience personalized to your needs.


This weekend retreat provides intensive energetic support to speed your healing process, plus insight and tools to help you shift patterns of thought and behavior that block healing. Longtime colleagues and friends, Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani both have decades of healing experience. Together they have developed a unique style of working two-on-one, energetically and intuitively, to help you manifest healing changes quickly. The workshop is space-limited to afford a high degree of individual healing work and consultation for each person in attendance.


Each participant receives:

  • Personal input from Lynn and Deb on the psychodynamics of your symptoms and suggested follow-up actions to support healing. (You will learn what your illness is telling you and what you can do to follow your body’s wisdom to support health.)
  • Focused energy healing from Lynn and Deb
  • Tools for working with emotional and physical pain
  • An experience of joy as a high vibrational healing state
  • Recorded healing exercises that you can use again and again
  • Intuitive readings from Lynn and Deb
  • A recording of the entire workshop
  • Written hand-outs


Rev. Deb Teramani is a highly gifted healer, clairvoyant, and spiritual teacher. Rev. Deb has always been in touch with angels, energy, and unseen realms, and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for more than 40 years. She is a licensed minister of Religious Science, former co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living-Baltimore, and serves on the faculty of Lynn Woodland’s year-long Miracles Course. Rev Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently without stopping until their issue is satisfactorily resolved. Deb says: “I know prayer always works and that with God, anything is possible!”


Lynn Woodland’s background includes four decades of work with energetic, spiritual, and attitudinal healing and she has traveled throughout the world teaching the principles of healing. In 1983 she founded and directed the Baltimore Center for Attitudinal Healing, a free, health-crisis resource center for people dealing with life-challenging illnesses. She also trained with the late world-renowned faith healer, Dr. Willard Fuller, whose work was known for the frequent occurrence of spontaneous dental healings, including new fillings appearing, even new teeth growing instantaneously. Lynn is the creator of The Miracles Course, a year-long program of online spiritual education leading to ordination, and author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World, from Namaste Publishing.


Cost: $222

(Seems like an odd amount? We chose this amount because 222 is a master number. It speaks to the power of “two” which Deb and Lynn amplify in their work together. It also relates to states of faith and trust, often showing up as a sign that you are on the right track. Best of all, it signifies manifestation, miracles, and auspicious opportunities on the way!)


Refund Policy: Once you have reserved your space in this workshop by making a payment, we do not offer any refund. If you can’t attend live, Lynn and Deb will still consider you a member of the class and will offer healing and intuitive consultation on your behalf. This will all be captured on the recording which you will receive after the workshop.



Please convert these times to your own time zone if not in Central Time. Eastern Time will one hour later, Pacific Time two hours earlier, etc.



Break times are approximate

First Session: 9 am to Noon Central Time

Break: Noon-1 pm

Second Session: 1-2:30 pm Central Time

            Break: 2:30-3 pm

Third Session: 3-5 pm Central Time


Sunday: 9 am to Noon Central Time



What you need to know about attending an online workshop

This event will be offered through Go to Meeting. You will receive access information via an email after you register. Here are some tips to make your experience smooth and easy.


Log in early.

If you haven’t joined into one of these webinars before, you might want to log in 10 or 15 minutes early. You will be prompted to download the Go To Meeting software, which you only need to do the first time you attend. You may also be prompted to update Java, which is a normal update for any computer and you will be directed towww.java.com for this.


For best sound quality, please use a headset plugged in to your computer.

If you don’t have a headset, consider investing in one. They aren’t terribly pricy and it will greatly enhance your experience. You can use the microphone in your computer but this creates a distracting echo and we will need to keep you muted most of the time. If your computer doesn’t have audio, you may view through the computer screen and dial in on your phone to the phone number given above.


If you’d like to keep it low-tech and not use your computer or the internet,

you can simply dial in and listen to the presentation on your phone. We will be able to hear you and dialogue with you. If you don’t have free long-distance, you will be billed for the call. Using the computer and internet eliminates this charge. For anyone willing to be seen by other participants, feel free to turn on your web cam.

Tuesday, Nov. 10: The Miraculous Journey Begins

For many, fall brings an end to the laid back leisure of summer, refocusing us on what we’re doing and where we’re going. In keeping with the energy of the season, this event is all about receiving guidance and energy for the next phase of life’s journey. If you have been uncertain about your next step and want clarity, or just want the power of group spiritual energy to launch a new project or chapter in your growth, this event will help you come into alignment with your highest purpose and highest good. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU’RE COMING.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com and I will send you more detailed location information.

We have a Meetup Page for this event as well

(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

Fall: The Healing Journey | Register to attend the first class of The Miracles Course’s Fall Quarter



In fall, The Miracles Course curriculum begins with an exploration of physical health and spiritual healing, including a powerful ritual for miraculous healing. Also addressed in this season are topics of death and beyond, flowing with change, transcending fear and letting go, all of which lays the foundation for the spiritual transformation of the winter.


In September, the fall equinox marks the point at which darkness exceeds light for another six months and as the light fades, so does the lush growth of summer. In this transitional time, we may want to cling to the last vestiges of summer yet know we can’t keep the dark and cold at bay for long. Change and letting go are forced upon us, ready or not, and many of us catch colds in this season as our bodies struggle to adjust. September, which merely hints at the darkness to come, is the perfect time to prepare for the descent into winter by shoring up our physical well being and cultivating our power to heal.


As fall deepens, nature shows us her “dying” season. In areas where seasons are dramatically distinct, nature goes out with flashing glory before winter gives the landscape a rest. We humans are a bit more apt to go out kicking and screaming. Even if we don’t give much attention to death, even if we think we don’t fear it, death anxiety often lurks beneath the surface wearing any number of disguises that may look like fear of change, fear of endings, and fear of losing control. More people die in the darker months than any other time of year. Even when we resist consciously, we know instinctively that this is the time to let go. What if we also knew there was nothing to fear?


The spiritual work of deep fall draws us into the dark, shadowy underworld of our fears: death, loss of control, and all things denied or repressed. Just as the growing light of spring urges us to reach high for our dreams, fall’s darkening compels us to reach deep within, emerging with wisdom, power, and a life no longer defined by fear. It’s a profoundly healing journey—one that brings us face to face with our shadow and, ultimately, rewards us with many previously hidden treasures of Self.

Enroll in the Miracles Course Here

December Video Blog | The Healing Power of Darkness

In this holiday-packed time of year one could almost overlook the deepening darkness and the inclination to hibernate that are natural to the season.People of not so many generations back used to sleep more in these long nights. Not us. We turn on the lights, indoors and out, fight nature’s pull to cozy in, and schedule the splashiest late-night parties of the year. Instead of becoming quiet and introspective, we’re more likely than ever to lose ourselves in a frenetic social whirl.

There is, of course, something miraculous and hopefulhappening this time every year, something truly worth celebrating: the simple, wondrous rebirth of light where the ever-increasing darkness of fall gives way to the lengthening days of winter and spring. The many spiritual holidays celebrated within days or weeks of the winter solstice all echo our instinctive understanding of light’s importance to our physical survival and spiritual renewal.

Light is an often-used metaphor for all things wise and wonderful. We “see the light,” find “light at the end of a tunnel” and a “silver lining around every dark cloud.” It’s easy to give credit for all things good to the light and simply ignore the power of dark; darkness, with its opposite connotations of fearfulness, depression, ignorance and death.

Yet, here we are in a time of year when it’s difficult to deny the presence of darkness, as hard as we may try. What’s more, whatever we ignore inevitably has a way of sneaking up from behind and tripping us when we’re not looking. This is certainly true of those aspects of self we don’t like. The ones we keep hidden in the dark nether regions of our being because they’re too painful, too shameful, or too imperfect to admit to ourselves, let alone to other people.

So, here’s a different kind of winter solstice ritual, one that honors the moment of deepest darkness that has to happen before we can give ourselves over to the jubilant celebration of light. After all, this is the perfect time of year to give darkness its due and, for once, stop trying to ignore or artificially light it out of existence. And even though it may not inspire the cheerful exuberance of spring or summer, see if this exercise doesn’t leave you clearer, cleaner, and more ready to fully embrace the deep quiet miracle of light that is the season’s truest offering.

As a starting place, take a moment to reflect on the year that’s been, the one that’s following its natural course and ending in darkness. What are the stand-out “points of darkness” you experienced this year? The very worst of times, the biggest catastrophes, the deepest despair, the times you most want to forget ever happened?

As you recall these moments, notice the feelings these memories evoke. We tend to suppress, ignore or medicate pain out of existence in much the same way we artificially cover darkness with light. Unfortunately, all these pain-coping methods don’t make pain go away, just underground until it eventually grows too big to ignore. So instead of sending one more bit of pain to the dark, crowded storage locker of your psyche, this time simply be with it.

Notice how it feels in your body. Is it a sinking feeling in your gut? An empty place in your heart? A cloud of confusion around your head? A lump in your throat? A tense, armored feeling in your muscles? A clenched feeling in your jaw or fists? A fearfulness in your bowels? Instead of turning away from these raw places, this time give them your full attention. Notice the sensation of the feeling in your body and relax into it. Stop struggling. Stop thinking, stop trying to move on or make it go away.

Also let go of familiar interpretations and judgments you have around these feelings: “My sadness is bottomless. If I truly feel it, I’ll just fall deeper and deeper until I drown.” Or “My anger is wrong. I shouldn’t have it. It will hurt someone.” Tell yourself instead that as you stop resisting feeling, pain stops being pain and becomes something usable, something healing. Go deeply enough into these dark parts of yourself until you feel your resistance letting go, struggle being replaced by surrender, tension turning into relaxation, fear giving way to an awareness that there is nothing to fear.

Now, imagine yourself in total darkness. (Try doing this at night.) Most of us can recall middle of the night anxieties where we lay awake in bed, in the dark, and our whole world looked dismal and dangerous in a way it seldom does during the day. The darkness to imagine now is a different one altogether (or perhaps the same, but we are different). This darkness is healing.

So many of us on a spiritual path have invoked the healing power of light, but what about that of dark? Imagine darkness around you like sheltering earth around a seed. Instead of imagining light pouring into the wounded places of your soul, imagine darkness, like a mother, drawing out of you the pain, doubt, worry, resentment, confusion and fear that interfere with peace. Feel it absorbing into itself the thoughts, memories and patterns that keep you from being your true self. Let the dark take back to itself all the darkness in you so there’s nothing left but light. The light that needs no artificial or external inducement. The Inner Light that has always been there. Feel yourself in this dark like a caterpillar in its chrysalis, safe and sheltered while a miraculous flurry of transformation is quietly underway.

Last, but not least, reflect again on those moments of darkness that have occurred in your life this year and now, instead of feeling the pain, ask them to show you their hidden blessings. How have you deepened, strengthened, changed direction, reached out to others or cared more deeply for yourself? How have you learned compassion, acceptance or forgiveness? Or gained clarity, broken down barriers, found your tenderness, released stubbornness and ego, or allowed others to help you? How has your very definition of who you are changed? Give thanks for the power of darkness to polish, facet and bring out the natural brilliance of your heart.

Consider sharing with another person the story of finding great blessing in this year’s points of darkness. Let the power of your spoken word change your personal mythology, transforming defeats and losses into powerful stories of resurrection.