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The Power Intensive: November 29th -December 3rd, in Minneapolis


The Power Intensive, by far my most intensive offering, provides a safe container for the journey into True Power. The process asks us to unlearn everything we thought we knew for certain, shed remnants of the past we thought we were already done with, discern our most passionate callings and strengthen our will. It lifts us to moments of ecstatic peak life experience where healing and manifestation happen instantaneously, and sets us down again feeling less afraid of uncertainty; more trusting in the process of life. If I said I knew what would happen in each intensive, I’d be lying. It’s truly a laboratory for experimentation; a crucible for transformation with each session being as different and unpredictable as the people in attendance and the times we’re in. Those who’ve attended one Power Intensive often come back again and again because each experience is a new adventure and cultivates a new dimension of empowerment.

“POWER” is a workshop I recommend for who people who already have a sense of their own power and are ready to achieve a higher degree of mastery. When such a group of people come together, there truly is no limit to what we can create. What are appropriate goals to bring to the Power Intensive? No less than your highest dreams and heart’s desires. Understand, however, that stepping into True Power opens the door to dreams you never thought to dream before. You may discover things your heart has always longed for but your mind has never known how to name, and these will undoubtedly require leaving your comfort zone far behind. And now, if you’re excited, a little afraid, and ready for a big leap, you may be a candidate for the upcoming session of POWER!

Did You Miss the Free Event “Are You Curious About Power?” – Click Here to Hear Previously Recorded Introduction To Power! 

The following feedback came from POWER Intensive participants

My experience was everything I hoped it would be and more! I have always had amazing miracles occur during and after the workshops, but this most recent miracle experience was an instant manifestation, and very specific. I had been looking for a way to obtain a home of my own and because of a recent divorce was unable to purchase one. As I got into my vehicle with the broken muffler, and prayed she would start, I started listening to my messages. My father had called at some point while I was proclaiming my right to manifest my home. He had left a message stating that he would like to visit the twin cities and see about helping me buy a house! Whoa. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It seemed so easy and effortless to manifest. A few days later my good neighbor asked me if I knew of anyone who wanted a Subaru Outback, green with a stick shift, new stereo, and all-wheel drive. I laughed and said, yes, I would love to buy my dream car, would she take payments, of course, she said! I now drive my very reliable dream car while house hunting with my father!

OMG, everyone!!! Have I got a miracle healing story for you!! This is the most dramatic miracle I have ever manifested!!

…I don’t even know what to say other than wow, wow, wow… I am still reeling. But SOMETHING DEFINITELY SHIFTED DURING OUR WORKSHOP!!!!!! I would say for you to expect miracles OF ANY MAGNITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!”

Advance registration is required. Details and registration information below:


Wednesday: 6 PM to approximately 12 AM

Thurs & Friday: 6:30 PM to approximately 12 AM

Saturday: 12:30 PM to approximately 12 AM

Sunday: 1 PM to approximately 9 PM

(Starting times are exact. Ending times are approximate.)

Cost: Payment by self-determined fee. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. This deposit is nonrefundable if you do not attend or complete the workshop. At the end you will be directed to consult your inner guidance as to what is the right amount of payment for you. At that time you may add to or request back any or all of your deposit. You may pay all at once with cash, check, or credit card, or over time by giving a series of post-dated checks or via Pay Pal.

Location: Epworth United Methodist Church,

3207 37th Ave. S. in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis

For questions or to receive a registration form, contact Lynn Woodland at lynn@lynnwoodland.com



On the first evening of the workshop, please arrive at 6:00. There will be a chance to ask for assistance with carpooling or overnight accommodations at the end of the first night. If you have difficulty arranging a ride for the first day, please request help with this. 

Dress comfortably and bring a pillow and a blanket for on-the-floor activities. Chairs are also available, and we encourage you to use whatever type of seating will be most comfortable for you. Many people like to bring armless stadium seats (these are available at places like Target for about $20) or bean bag chairs for comfort on the floor. No food is served during the workshop, however, you may bring your own food and drinks for the breaks. On Saturday and Sunday there is a long dinner break which will be pot luck or taken at a restaurant. Details about meals will be provided on the first night. The meal breaks are considered part of the workshop. Please do not schedule outside activities during that time.

Preparing for the POWER Intensive 

POWER is a profoundly transformational process that begins as soon as you make the commitment to attend. To help you better understand this process and work with it effectively, please carefully read the following at least several times:

All movement toward growth, even when it is growth toward what we most want in life, stirs our resistance to change. Nearly everyone who participates in POWER experiences some level of resistance prior to attendance. This can take the form of anxiety, nervousness, and emotional resistance, or it can manifest in various degrees of breakdown, including work conflicts, schedule conflicts, illness, car and transportation problems, forgetfulness, other people’s needs cutting into the time you set for yourself to attend the workshop, and a multitude of other circumstantial obstacles.

Once you decide to do POWER, the extent to which things get in the way of your attendance very likely parallels the extent to which you find yourself falling short of your goals in life. Therefore, each obstacle that you overcome becomes an important step in breaking through old patterns of limitation and will greatly enhance your experience in the workshop. A helpful perspective is to ask yourself: if having, doing, or being your highest heart’s desire required overcoming these obstacles, could you/would you do it? Many people have experienced significant breakthroughs and healing before the workshop even began, simply through the power of their commitment and intention to grow.

The following steps will help you to work productively with the period of time before the workshop begins:

  1. Complete and submit your application as soon as possible. Your POWER experience begins when you make this commitment.
  2. Before sleep and on awakening, take several moments to reflect upon what you most want in life and what you most need for your highest good. Suspend disbelief and negativity as you do this so you begin to feel that your highest goals are truly accessible to you. Picture yourself attending POWER and using it to create these things that are important to you.
  3. Begin a journal and record significant thoughts, feelings, experiences, and dreams, especially those relating to manifesting your highest goals.
  4. Call with any questions you may have: 612-840-1901 and with any assistance needs you may have around transportation or other obstacles to your attendance. Lynn and the assisting team will do what we can to help.
  5. Know that you deserve a peak life experience! Giving yourself the opportunity to attend POWER now instead of later can produce dramatic results in your work, health, relationships, and other areas of life. So if you feel a desire to do the intensive now, don’t postpone it!


You will be asked to agree to the following ground rules early in the workshop. Familiarize yourself with the ground rules and be prepared to agree to them or ask for an appropriate exception from Lynn.

  1. POWER meets in sessions of roughly 2-3 hours, separated by breaks. Starting times each day are exact. Ending times are approximate. At the start of each session come into the room promptly, as soon as you hear the entry music. Be in the room before the door is closed (about several minutes after the entry music starts) and remain in the room until the next break.
  2. Attend all sessions on all days of the workshop.
  3. Keep confidential other participants’ sharing and experiences.
  4. Do not drink alcohol or use illegal mind-altering drugs during all days of the workshop.
  5. No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, writing or using cell phones (unless otherwise instructed) in the room while the workshop is in session. Please keep cell phones turned off during sessions.


POWER is offered to you unconditionally with no set fee or required minimum payment. The typical per person average payment for this workshop has been between $800 and $1200. You will be asked to decide what you wish to give near the end of the workshop. You are given complete freedom to determine your own payment and what you choose to give is confidential. There is no pressure to give a minimum amount. Typically, individual payment amounts range from 0 to thousands. Only you know what the right amount for you is. This payment process is an important part of the workshop curriculum, which includes examining and healing our relationship to money. Believing that you “can’t afford it” is never a valid reason for choosing not to attend.


You may choose to pay in full with cash, check, or credit card at the end of the workshop, or you may pay over an extended period of time by giving a series of post-dated checks or a credit card subscription payment. You are asked to complete whatever financial transaction you wish to make on the last day of the workshop. There’s no need to decide the amount of your donation until Sunday. We would like you, however, to come prepared on the last day to give in whatever way works best for you by bringing cash, checks or credit card.


A $150 deposit is required to register for POWER. This deposit represents your commitment to attend and complete the Intensive. At the end of the Intensive you may ask for any or all of your deposit back. Your deposit is nonrefundable in the event that you decide not to attend or complete this session of POWER. It is also not transferable to another person or another session of POWER.

Are you curious about Power?

Are you curious about POWER?

A free online event with Lynn Woodland Sunday, April 23, 7-8 PM Central Daylight Time

Attend on your computer or phone

Click this link 15 minutes before the event to join the meeting

Lynn Woodland’s POWER Intensive is hard to describe, even by the many people who’ve attended them over and over again. People use words like, “Most transformational experience ever,” “incredible,” “miraculous,” “life-changing”… but what really happens? POWER is a profoundly moving experience facilitated by a master teacher, and is now only offered rarely. As amazing as the experience itself, are the results that participants see afterward and the fact that, for nearly 30 years, this intensive has been offered for a self-determined fee. If you’re curious, don’t miss this chance to find out more and to see if the upcoming session of POWER is right for you. The Power Intensive: November 2-6, Minneapolis

Advanced Manifesting Techniques | A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

Advanced Manifesting Techniques

A weekend workshop with Lynn Woodland

August 19-21



An immersion experience in living a miraculous life.


This workshop starts with the premise that a whole new paradigm of metaphysics lies beyond popular law-of-attraction and New Thought spiritual teachings, offering a very different approach to working with power of intention. This event is both a visionary glimpse into where humanity is heading and a practical, results-oriented laboratory for achieving goals and living a miraculous life.


If you’ve practiced visualizations, vision boards, prosperity and manifesting techniques and found them to work only partially; if keeping your attention on the positive and choosing love over fear feels like a constant challenge, this workshop will explain how many popular spiritual tools and practices have separateness and struggle built into them and how there is an easier, and more effective way.


Most of all, this weekend is an immersion experience that combines the crucible ingredients of concentrated attention and intention, expert guidance, and the tremendous amplifying effect of group spiritual work, all aimed at living your miraculous life.


And, of course, we’ll have a lot of fun! Don’t you deserve a miraculous life?


Registration: Register below or in person with Lynn. This is event is space-limited.



Friday: 7-9:30 PM

Saturday: 11 AM-5:30 PM

Sunday: 1-5:30 PM


Cost: Payment by self-determined fee. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your space. This deposit is nonrefundable if you do not attend or complete the workshop. At the end you will be directed to consult your inner guidance as to what is the right amount of payment for you. At that time you may add to or request back any or all of your deposit. You may pay all at once with cash, check, or credit card, or over time by giving a series of post-dated checks or via Pay Pal.


Location: The weekend will be held in Lynn Woodland’s home in South Minneapolis near MIA. Address will be provided upon request/registration.


What to Bring: A notebook and pen. A bag lunch for Saturday and any snacks you’d like for yourself on the other days.


Lynn Woodland is an international teacher and author of Making Miracles—Create New Realities for Your Life and Our World. She is the creator of the online Miracles Course and more.


Over 40 years of teaching and refining the spiritual principles of miracle-making, Lynn Woodland has developed a body of work that takes metaphysical practices to a new level. As New Connexion Journal for Conscious Living wrote:


“Just when you think you know a lot

about the law of attraction and quantum

physics, you read a book like Making Miracles [by Lynn Woodland] that really pushes your reality and current belief systems to new frontiers.”


Attracting the Right People in 2016

Attracting the Right People

An Online Workshop with Lynn Woodland


Saturday, February 20, 11 AM, 1 PM Central Time

Limited to 30 participants.

Early registration is recommended.

Cost: $35





No matter what the nature of our goals, aspirations, and heart’s desires, other people are one of our richest resources for helping us create what we most want in lifeand we often overlook this precious resource.


This results-oriented workshop includes information and guided processes to help you:


Attract helpful, loving, and respectful interactions with others


Draw less unpleasant interpersonal drama into your life


Enhance the overall quality of your personal community


Call in a specific kind of relationship such as a new romantic partner, teacher, clients, employer, future child, etc.



Lynn will offer an intuitive consultation in the workshop for every participant who wants it.


Every participant receives access to a private recording of this workshop made available only to attendees.


Can’t attend live?

Send in your relationship-related question

and you will receive a personal consult from Lynn

that you can view at your convenience on the recording.


Past participants share:


  • I have already had BOTH people I sent the call out for come into my life in amazing and synchronistic ways! Seriously, it was less than two weeks! And they were both people I had despaired of finding! Truly miraculous!!!!!


  • Your workshop is manifesting miracles already! I’ve applied for about 13 jobs without receiving a single response. That door has remained firmly closed. Well, yesterday I received an email asking me to come for an interview! The timeframe is exactly perfect and the [job] they proposed for me looks awesome.

A Free Online Workshop with Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

You Deserve a Miraculous Life!


What Do You Need to Know Right Now

To Kickstart your Life?



A Free Online Workshop with Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

Saturday, January 16th, 11-1 PM Central Time

Attend on your computer or phone



Guided exercises, energy work, and personal input from Lynn and Deb

to help you achieve success.


In this free workshop Lynn Woodland and Deb Teramani offer a taste of the personalized assistance students receive in their year-long, Master Class Mentoring Program


“Whether you are seeking healing, clarity or to manifest an important goal, we want you to have a transformation so evident that it leaves us all in awe at the power of Spirit!”

Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani



To participate, send an email request to Lynn@lynnwoodland.com.

Attend live—We will not be recording this event.

The Miracle of Light-Lynn’s 29th Annual Winter Solstice Event

Do the pleasure, joy, and wonder of the winter holiday season sometimes get lost for you amidst shopping, parties, and family obligations? This event goes right to the heart of the season: the recovery of warmth, love and light at a time of greatest darkness. If your spark has been low lately, this celebration will help rekindle joy, faith and wonder so you will find renewal from this season’s holidays of light.

Preparation for this event: 

Bring a wrapped gift to give away (you won’t know to whom) that represents all the good you wish to invite into your life in the coming year.

and I will send you more specific location details.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com
(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

LOCATION: Epworth United Methodist Church,[masked]th Ave. S. in Minneapolis. 2 blocks south of Lake St., 5 blocks east of Hiawatha. Please arrive on time as the door may need to be locked for security.

Tuesday, Nov. 24: A Thanksgiving Give-away

The fall season, when the harvest is done and fields lie dormant, invites us to let go and live empty for a time to ensure future growth. The fall Thanksgiving holiday provides the perfect opportunity to stop, reflect, give thanks for what has been, and to share our abundance.

In keeping with the season, this special event works in a very practical way with spiritual dimensions of release, thanksgiving and sharing abundance. More than a give-away, this evening is a powerful spiritual ritual that will open us to increased prosperity and abundance of all sorts.

Preparation for this event:

Bring up to a shopping bag full of high quality, usable items you no longer need, use or value but which may be of value to someone else. These items are to be released unconditionally (i.e. without any conditions as to where they go).

The purpose of this exercise is to practice letting go of things we are holding from a place of fear-based conditioning rather than because we love, value and use them. Thoughts such as, “What if I need it someday?” or, “It cost a lot so I shouldn’t let it go,” or “Better save it for hard times to come,” are examples of fear-based motives for holding on to things. Letting go of unnecessary excess is an important part of opening to abundance because in order to create more of what we really want we must first have room for it in our lives. If we are filled up with what is no longer useful, be it material things, relationships, activities or thoughts, we become like stagnant pools, too full to receive anything new and fresh.

Bring only quality items—no thrift store rejects. This exercise is most powerful when we stretch a bit and let go of things we ordinarily wouldn’t consider giving away yet still fit the criteria of no longer being used or valued.

and I will send you more specific location details.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com
(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

We have a Meetup Page for this event as well

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

Tuesday, Nov. 10: The Miraculous Journey Begins

For many, fall brings an end to the laid back leisure of summer, refocusing us on what we’re doing and where we’re going. In keeping with the energy of the season, this event is all about receiving guidance and energy for the next phase of life’s journey. If you have been uncertain about your next step and want clarity, or just want the power of group spiritual energy to launch a new project or chapter in your growth, this event will help you come into alignment with your highest purpose and highest good. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU’RE COMING.

To register contact lynn@lynnwoodland.com and I will send you more detailed location information.

We have a Meetup Page for this event as well

(Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.)

COST: Payment by self-determined offering at the end
($25-35 is typical for these events, nothing is mandatory)

Annual Spring Equinox Celebration

Monday, March 23, 6:30-9:30 PM

Annual Spring Equinox Celebration

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, in the Earth Room

Every solstice and equinox, Lynn leads a special event to attune to the archetypal cycle of growth represented by each seasonal change. Join in this lively, engaging event to shake off the stiffness of winter, light sparks of passion, awaken creativity and plant new seeds of our heart’s desires! This is one of Lynn’s most popular events.


Register by emailing lynnwoodland@comcast.net or calling 612-729-3261.

Cost: Self-determined offering ($25-35 is typical, nothing is mandatory)

Please arrive promptly and plan to attend the entire event.

The Master Class Mentoring Program

The Master Class Mentoring Program

Limited to 6 participants

Set a truly meaningful intention for 2015 with this new offering

from Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani



What if an eight week commitment could kick start your life, resolve your most stubborn challenges, and start your highest heart’s desires unfolding?

This intensive, new-concept mentoring program allows you to

borrow our consciousness to manifest your goals.

See the impossible become possible!



“We [Lynn and Deb] have been doing spiritual work together for decades and we never fail to see results. We want to share this experience and are very excited to see how this energy can manifest for you. We want to assist you in overcoming whatever problem, block, or obstacle you have not been able to resolve yourself. We want you to have a transformation so evident that it leaves us all in awe at the power of Spirit.”


Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani



What makes this the most intensive program either of us has ever offered:


Draw upon the consciousness, not just the learning, of two master teachers to propel your transformation. Let us help you stay in the consciousness that attracts miracles.


Meet and work with the nonphysical spiritual guides who want to assist your growth at this time.

Rev. Deb has clairvoyantly seen angels and nonphysical beings since early childhood. Lynn has been giving intuitive readings for more than 40 years. The two of us will help you to see and hear from your spiritual helpers so that you can fully receive the help these beings have to fast track your life goals and purposes.


Receive counsel, strategies and exercises specially designed for you.

There is no made-for-all curriculum. Your program is created with your goals, strengths, challenges and unique personality in mind.


Regularly receive intuitive guidance from Lynn and Rev Deb to gain clarity and speed your progress.


Receive energy work to release the unconscious blocks that keep you limited and to install the vibrational “software” for success.


Experience affirmative prayer from a master practitioner.

Affirmative prayer, also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, is a powerful practice designed to create results. Rev. Deb uses this form of prayer to help you clear away limiting attitudes, access the wisdom you already possess and set in motion a process of miraculous transformation.



The Format


Participate in eight, weekly, two-on-one sessions with both Rev Deb and Lynn online via Go To Meeting.

These weekly sessions, lasting approximately one hour, include:

  • Practical guidance related to overcoming obstacles and manifesting your goals
  • Intuitive information from Lynn and Deb to facilitate movement toward your goals
  • Energy work for releasing unconscious blocks and self-sabotage, as well as attunements and chakra healing specific to your needs.
  • Clairvoyant and intuitive information about your spiritual guides and the answers they have for you.
  • Affirmative prayer work.


Receive daily messages from Lynn and Rev Deb to support your journey for eight weeks and continue to receive frequent messages throughout the year.

These messages include simple spiritual practices, recorded meditations, prayers, or other inspirational material to help you maintain momentum.


Have access to Lynn and Rev Deb via email as needed to answer questions and offer guidance.

For eight weeks you have our full attention to support your success.


Participate in a weekly group session, via Go To Meeting, limited to six participants.

These sessions address the needs of all participants as well as present helpful material and energetic work to support healing, manifestation, and forward movement.


After eight weeks, “graduate” to a monthly group session with other graduates to continue to support your progress.

We will follow you for a year, supporting you with our personal spiritual work (we work with you in our personal spiritual practices even when we are not face to face), being available by email, sending helpful practices and messages, and meeting in live, weekly group sessions.


debheadshot-2-2-2-2-2-3-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2About Rev. Deb Teramani


Rev. Deb, (known as “Rev Deb”) long-time colleague of Lynn Woodland, is a modern mystic. A life-long seeker, Deb has always been in touch with angels and unseen realms; and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for over 40 years. A highly gifted healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher, she is also a professional prayer practitioner and licensed minister of Religious Science. She is co-pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.


Rev Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently until their issue is satisfactorily resolved. Deb says: “I know prayer always works and that with God, anything is possible!”


Here’s what people say about working with Rev Deb:


“After years of searching for my perfect mate to no avail, I met my wonderful husband one day after Rev Deb prayed for me!

“I thought I knew about prayer, until I began to learn from Rev. Deb. After years of lackadaisical results and quiet discouragement, I found my prayer life revolutionized after just a few sessions.  I mean, here’s someone who really understands how to contact the Divine and manifest results, and now she’s selflessly sharing her experience and wisdom with others!  Thank you, Rev. Deb!  My life will never be the same.”


“Rev Deb is AMAZING!   She has been one of my greatest teachers and helped me to develop my own spiritual practice.   Her prayer work is powerful and effective.   I couldn’t say enough great things about her and all that she has done for my life.   I feel so blessed to know her.”


Program begins in late January, 2015.

Cost for the year: $2000

To participate, contact Lynn Woodland at lynnwoodland@comcast.net