The Master Class Mentoring Program


Kick start your life

with this new offering from

Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani


The Master Class Mentoring Program

With Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

Limited to 6 participants,

Next class begins late January 2016


Are you ready to have a transformation so evident that it leaves you in awe?

Kick start your life in this intensive, new-concept mentoring program.

See the impossible become possible!

Fast-track your life

Resolve your most stubborn challenges

See your highest heart’s desires unfold

We lend our consciousness to help you manifest your goals as we work two-on-one with you.



“We [Lynn and Deb] have been doing spiritual work together for decades and we never fail to see results. We are now sharing this experience with others and have been very excited by the early successes of our first two Master Classes we offered in 2015. Working with just a handful of students at a time, we give our intensive focus to helping you overcome whatever problem, block, or obstacle you have not been able to resolve yourself and achieve success. We want you to have a transformation so evident that it leaves us all in awe at the power of Spirit!”

Lynn Woodland and Rev. Deb Teramani

What makes this program intensive:



Draw upon the consciousness, not just the learning, of two master teachers to propel your transformation. We help you stay in the consciousness that attracts miracles.


Lynn and Deb are both known professionally for their powerful work with spiritual manifestation. Together they bring more than eight decades of metaphysical expertise to work on your behalf. They don’t simply teach manifesting techniques, they actually add their trained consciousness to yours to create the results you haven’t been able to call in on your own. This takes place in face-time sessions but it also continues in Lynn and Deb’s personal spiritual work.


Meet and work with the nonphysical spiritual guides who want to assist your growth at this time. Rev. Deb has clairvoyantly seen angels and nonphysical beings since early childhood. Lynn has been giving intuitive readings for more than 40 years. The two of us will help you to see and hear from your spiritual helpers so that you can fully receive the help these beings have to fast track your life goals and purposes.


Receive counsel, strategies and exercises specially designed for you. There is no made-for-all curriculum. Your program is created with your goals, strengths, challenges and unique personality in mind.


Regularly receive intuitive guidance from Lynn and Rev Deb to gain clarity and speed your progress. The real work of success begins with clarity. It’s nearly impossible to achieve success until we’re clear about what we truly want, what’s most important to us, what stands in our way, and how and why we may unconsciously slow our progress. Bringing all this to light is the first step in manifestation. Students also receive training in developing their own intuitive skills to better hear inner guidance.


Receive energy work to release the unconscious blocks that keep you limited and to install the vibrational “software” for success.


Receive spiritual assistance to attract the right people who will open doors of opportunity and in every way support your highest good and well-being.


Receive the benefits of spiritual community and easy access to mentors who know you well and care about you. The bonds formed with teachers and classmates become deep and personal. You are seen, known, loved, and guided by two master teachers and a handful of exceptional fellow participants. You may not realize how important this is until you experience having a whole team of caring people on your side in the Mentor Program.


Program begins late January, 2016.

Cost for the year: $2500.

Year-long payment plans available.


To participate, or for questions contact Lynn Woodland at


The Format


Eight Private Sessions:

For the first four months, participate in bi-weekly, two-on-one sessions with Rev Deb and Lynn via Go To Meeting. Attend on your computer or by phone.

These sessions, lasting approximately 60-90 minutes, include:


  • Practical guidance related to overcoming obstacles and manifesting your goals.


  • Intuitive information from Lynn and Deb to facilitate movement toward your goals.


  • Our focused consciousness directed toward manifesting your success.


  • Energetic work for releasing unconscious blocks and self-sabotage, attunements and chakra healing specific to your needs, attracting helpful people into your life, and more.


  • Clairvoyant and intuitive information about your spiritual guides and the answers they have for you.


  • Affirmative prayer work.


18 Group Sessions:

For the first eight weeks, the whole class meets for weekly group sessions with Lynn and Deb. After the first eight sessions, the class meets for monthly group sessions. Meetings held via Go To Meeting. Attend on your computer or phone.



These sessions take advantage of the amplifying power and added input available in a group. They are laboratories for accessing the wisdom of Ascended Master Guides, working with spiritual manifestation, receiving intuitive guidance, and more.


Have email access to Lynn and Rev Deb as needed to answer questions and offer guidance.



Our first year-long Master Class Mentoring group has just completed. Rev. Deb and I went into this new venture with the intention that our mentees would have a transformation so evident that it would leave us all in awe of the power of Spirit. That said, we truly had no idea of how the experience would unfold, just a deep faith that Spirit would guide the way. It would be self-serving to simply speak of how deeply moved and affected Deb and I were by the experience so here are the words of one of our first mentees:


“The Masterclass is truly special. I experienced genuine spiritual strengthening, powerful everyday changes, an opening of my heart and spiritual eyes, as well as miracle after miracle….

I was healed of a significant soul injury which has enabled me to love more fully, embrace myself, my soul mate and my whole life in co creation with Spirit. My whole life is being re-evaluated through the eyes of Spirit and Miracles keep unfolding. God is great.

As a small group and in individual sessions I was coached and mentored spiritually and with unconditional love and authenticity. Deb and Lynn and my Masterclass small group are with me forever now and I believe my life’s purpose is on track because of this experience.

Deb and Lynn introduced us to some sound spiritual practices to manifest miracles yes, but most cherished of all, to build a life with an open heart, of unconditional love and spiritual awareness. They are my mothers and my sisters. So Grateful.


About Rev. Deb Teramani


Rev. Deb, (known as “Rev Deb”) long-time colleague of Lynn Woodland, is a modern mystic. A life-long seeker, Deb has always been in touch with angels and unseen realms; and has studied world spirituality and healing practices for over 40 years. A highly gifted healer, intuitive, and spiritual teacher, she is also a professional prayer practitioner and licensed minister of Religious Science currently serving with.  the Center for Spiritual Living Baltimore.


Rev Deb is particularly known for her powerful work with Spiritual Mind Treatment where she prays for recipients seeking her assistance consistently until their issue is satisfactorily resolved.



Refund Policy: This program does not offer a refund policy. Once you have reserved your space with your first payment, you are agreeing to pay the full tuition amount for the entire year. Once we start a mentor class, we commit our time to you for a year and hold no ambivalence about your success. A refund policy builds into the process an option for you to be ambivalent, which ultimately undermines your success. A clear commitment of financial resources reflects an equally clear investment in yourself and intention to succeed. With only six openings in each class, we want to ensure that they go to those who are most ready to benefit.


Payment plans are available.

Month 1: A minimum payment of $400 reserves your space.

Month 2: $400

Months 3-12: $175

For other payment plan options, contact


Missing appointments

Lynn and Deb have limited ability to reschedule their appointments with you, especially on short notice. If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment Deb and Lynn will continue with your session at the scheduled time and record it for you to work with at your convenience. It’s always preferable to have you there for face-to-face participation but energy work and intuitive input doesn’t require it.