The Miracles Course | Spring: Growing Our Heart’s Desires

Audit the first online class of the Miracles Course Spring Quarter for free:

The spring quarter of the Miracles Course is the season for cultivating passionate zest for life as well as accomplishing some of the heavy lifting of personal mastery: clarifying intention, developing will, breaking disempowering habits and awakening intuition—all of which creates the foundation for the more advanced manifesting work of summer.


Wednesday, March 8, 7 PM Central Time.

Attend on your computer or by phone.


 The Miracles Course

Everyone deserves a miraculous life. Isn’t it your turn?


Miracles aren’t hard work.

The Miracles Course works simply by showing up.

 Now accepting students for the Spring Quarter beginning March 1st.

Classes begin March 8th. We recommend enrolling before this date to allow for orientation time. Late registration ends March 15.



Tuition Discounts and Payment Plans Available. See below for details.


What fuels the Miracles Course:


  • A team of three professionals, with coaching, teaching, healing, and intuitive skills, who care about you. We know that miracles are for everyone and we are willing to invest time in you so that you experience this yourself.


  • The tremendous advantage of group spiritual work. The Miracles Course is a community and shifts happen far more quickly and powerfully when we work together. Things that have been difficult to accomplish alone can fall into place effortlessly with the amplifying effect of group energy and unconditional love.


  • A circular, seasonal curriculum that engages your subconscious mind in an archetypal journey mirroring the growing cycles of nature. Whether you use this program as a transformative immersion experience or as an ongoing touch stone for staying on track, your life begins to flow as harmoniously as the seasons. Transformational changes, new opportunities, successes, prosperity, improved relationships, and healing of all sorts start to unfold with ease and serendipity instead of effort.



The Miracles Course is more than an educational program. It’s the miraculous power of unconditional love in action. We look forward to being in community and in transformation with you!

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